Friday, October 8, 2010

Pictures from his friend, Elder Jacob Clanton

I love this.  Hank is always trying to frown, but the camera caught him laughing.  I love it.
Hank and Jacob Clanton, a young man in our stake, have been friends the past few years.  They've known each other since they were in elementary school, but in the past few years, they became real good friends.  They both are "movie buffs", and have been working on a screenplay together for the past few years.  Jake was called to a mission in Paraguay, and left the beginning of August.  So ironically, when Hank arrived in the MTC on Sept 15, Jake had 3 weeks left before he left the MTC for Paraguay.  They wound up leaving the same day for their missions, on Oct 4.  They had a few opportunities to see each other in the MTC, and Hank loved it when they ran into each other.  In fact, he got to see him for a few minutes on his first day in the MTC...which really helped Hank with the whole "newness" of everything.  Anyhow, we got a letter from Jake yesterday, he sent it to us just before he left the MTC.  I'm so glad he sent these pictures of them!  He sent a nice note with it, and asked for Hank's address.  So glad those two are going to stay in touch.  I'm so happy for these two young men, and glad they are where they are right now.   Different parts of the world, but on the same mission:  To proclaim the gospel. 

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