Monday, March 26, 2012

(JONNA)- several baptisms, missionary choir fireside

Thanks for all the emails! I had about 5 ooooober long ones today, so this is shorter :)
Ciara-loving 54th ward???? Awesome! And, I'm glad you and Monica hang out! Every morning I do situps and every morning, I think about how much I miss that Kinect.Working out is so much more fun when you are at Disneyland or slicing fruit.
This last week was pretty good! There was a leadership training on Tuesday that I had to go to. It was for Zone leaders, District leaders, assistants, and trainers. I am none of these, but Sister Cochran is a trainer (obviously) and she needed a companion, so I got to go. Talk about feeling GREEN! I felt so out of place there, but it was still good to learn.
Thursday was Bill's baptism. What an awesome experience! It was all the members. His friend introduced him to the Gospel, the members of the ward welcomed him, and many volunteered to help with the baptism. All we did (as the missionaries) was taught and filled the font. Members are so key to missionary work! The longer I'm here, the more I am grateful to the members. And, especially the members who are involved in missionary work. What an awesome baptism it was. He was baptized by one of the priests in the ward. Yesterday, Bill received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and was confirmed a member of the church. He then bore a powerful testimony during testimony meeting. (We had fast Sunday yesterday since the next 2 weeks are occupied with Conference & Easter). What a cool experience! On Saturday, Christa was baptized. She was baptized by Elder R. She's the one who has waited 12 years. Her husband and daughter were there and happy for her too. Sister C and I met up with her at the beginning a few weeks ago and then found out she was in the Elder's area, so we passed her off to them. But, we still went for her confirmation too. She was SO happy! Look for Bill and Christa in the April Focal Point.
Last night was the Missionary Choir Fireside. It don't know if I've mentioned this yet. The Houston East Stake has begun a series of firesides featuring a missionary choir and Mormon Messages. They had the first about 2 weeks before I got here. Last night was the 2nd one and my first time participating. Wow. SO powerful! Christa came and had tears in her eyes at the end. She said she felt so different all day and we told her it was the Holy Ghost being present in her life. The fireside was in Eagle Springs, and we hope that the next one will be in Baytown in April.
Dad, thanks for sharing your trek story. I loved it. Totally wish I could have been there. What a cool experience. I loved the pictures too. Yall look awesome as pioneers! And, how cool to see the 54th "angels." I know a few of them. I know it must have been a cool experience for them too.
Hope AJ had a great birthday! Did he get my card? I sent him a card that I thought was pretty funny. I bought it at Walmart about an hour after I emailed last week. Sounds like his birthday was fun! Anyway, hope he got the card and that it didn't get smashed. If so, go to Walmart and find it. It was so fun to look at all the singing cards at Walmart with the other missionaries...especially the Disney ones. Elder Roos goes home in about 2 weeks. I realized that he hadn't seen Tangled yet! The last movie he saw was Alice in Wonderland. So, I've been giving him a list of Disney movies to see when he gets home. The other missionary we hang out with a lot is Elder Matthews. He is our District leader and from Mesa! He has about 7 months left.
Today is Zone Pday! We are going to decorate Easter eggs I think? Then have an Easter egg hunt and/or egg fight. Haha, so excited. Then, tonight, we are teaching Cara. A friend of a family in the ward. She also came to the fireside last night and was deeply touched. On Tuesday, we are doing exchanges. I am SO nervous. It is to give me practice in leading an area and to let the sister coming here visit one last time before she leaves in a few weeks. So, pray for me! I sure hope I can do it!
I'm studying "confidence" this week. Not pride, but confidence in the Lord and sharing His message. it is the Gospel of good news and I am working on being confident in talking with others about it. So, why don't yall study that too? :) Also, read 1 Kings 17 and read the story of the woman who had faith to follow the prophet. We are encouraging all out here to follow the prophet as they watch General Conference. I invite you to do the same! I am SO excited for conference! Kinda cool that we are all watching the same thing, right? (And, dad, its ok if you don't eat shrimp for me. We had to eat a shrimp cocktail the other night and I about puked. I was feeling super sick that night. Cannot stand shrimp. So, eat something yummy in my honor on Sat. night :)
But, I've gotta get going now.
Love yall!
Sister Jackson

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