Monday, March 5, 2012

(JONNA) First Companion, First Area

Hey Ya'll!
Hank-thanks for the email! Did you get my letter? 
Ciara-got your package! THANKS!! I was so happy to get it and so was m companion! I took a photo :) 
Brianna-I got your letter! Thanks! I will write back! But, I was talking to Sis. Crawford (mission pres. wife) and she said her brother is the Pres. of the Columbus Mission. Cool, ya?? 
Addie-cool scar. Love it! 
On with my letter: 
I am in Texas and it is great! Ok, I will admit that I was a little discouraged on Wednesday morning, but I quickly got over it and I am enjoying where I'm at. As we were flying to Texas, I was seated in the VERY last row of the plane next to an Elder from Phoenix. As we flew, I looked out the window and saw another plane coming toward us that flew right over us! It was COOL! I'd never seen another plane while I was flying in the air. Made me think...if this plane crashed, I'm in the back of the I knew what would happen to me. Probably be thrown into a pit and threatened by Ana Lucia. Haha :) 
Well, we landed, met the President and his wife, ate some good BBQ, and went to the mission home. I couldn't get over how green it was! There was even grass on the runway! Funny how amazing that is to me. I thought of Hank and the grass by the highway in MS. I get it now! And, it is still winter so it isn't as green as it is supposed to be I'm told. Sweet. 
I was the only sister to travel and so I got to stay the night at the mission home. The elders all went to the AP and trainer's apts. I got a room AND a bathroom all to myself for one night! Then, the next morning, I got up at 6:30 and get Sis. Crawford for a bike ride. It was cool!  
Soon, at the transfer meeting, I met my companion, Sister Co. She is from Logan, UT and been here 9 mos.  
Anyway, I am in Baytown. I am serving in the Baytown 2nd Ward. Dad, tell Elder Jim Wright that I am serving in the stake that he is coming to! They've got posters and flyers for it. March 17-18 with Elder Jim L. Wright. How cool???? I was so happy to see that! So, I'll be at the Stake Conference with him! Will you let him know? I would like to say hi to him, but I know he'll be super busy (and I'm sure I will be too). But, will you let him know? Thanks!
 I'm here for at least 12 weeks... 
But, teaching has been good. I'm not a pro, but I am trying my best. We see the Elders (Mat-who went to Mesa High and R-from UT) a lot and ride with them tons. So, I'm slowly making friends. 
We are in a mission choir-our zones-in the Houston East Stake. So, March 25th we are having a Come to Christ fireside in Eagle Springs. That was cool to practice, but I felt out of place since everyone knew everyone and I was new. But, slowly, I'm meeting other missionaries. 
Mom, could you send me a carbon monoxide detector? :) Don't freak out...I forbid anyone to freak out...clearly we had a close call but we did recover. God was willing (Office quote). :) :) But seriously, will you send me one? Sis. Co was following the Spirit and pretty much saved our lives. BUT DON'T WORRY! We are ok and we will always be ok! Just thought a detector would be a good idea :) 
Anyway, I've gotta get going. I'm also getting a cold and probably spreading it to the people next to me at the library. This letter was a bit long, and I'm surprised I had time to get it all in. Mom, also, could you send me Hank's letter? Maybe you already did.
Love Ya'll :)
Sister Jackson

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