Monday, March 5, 2012

(HANK)-busy Sunday, tornados, etc.

hey mom whats up?! just got your letter. there have been some thunder storms down here, and that is what usually spawns tornadoes. oh i forgot to tell you but a small tornado hit picayune while i was serving there. me and wag had no idea a tornado even came. we were just chillen in the apartment thinking, "wow its stormy outside". then later we found out a tornado came through. it wasn't a serious one, it only knocked down a few trees. anyway i forgot to tell you that. so this week we went to a members house, the cu's, and we tore out there floor. it was pretty fun, and we were great at it too. yesterday at church i had to do a lot of stuff last minute. so we get there and we go up and sit down at the sacrament table, then the Branch president asks me to lead the music, so i agreed. one of the passers came and filled in my spot at the table, so i filled in his spot to pass the sacrament, after i was done leading music. then after sacrament someone came up to me and asked me to teach Sunday school because the teacher didn't show up. so i did. anyway i had to do like 3 things yesterday. so i haven't gotten the package yet, i called picayune and they said they sent it off a few days ago, so we'll see if it gets here. well mom that's about it for now, thanks again for the letter, talk to you later bye!
Love hank
hey dad whats up. so this week was pretty cool. elder king is a cool guy, and we are getting along good. hopefully well stay together again when transfers come again. after this zone conferance, im only going to have 2 more. im starting to feel the effects of almost being home. its only 6 1/2 months away. its weird that its right around the corner. my "lasts" are coming up soon, my last general conferance, my last phone call home. but i do enjoy it out here though. im in the jackson stake, and the jackson zone. there are 7 zones and 5 stakes in the mission. shreveport stake/zone, monroe stake/zone, jackson stake (clinton,jackson zone), hattiesburg stake/zone,and gulfport stake (slidell,gulfport zone). so the jackson and gulfport stakes are the only ones with 2 zones. so far ive been in the monroe zone,clinton zone, gulfport zone, and now jackson zone. this is my second time however in being jackson stake. i wonder where jonna is at, my guess is houston. i think shell stay in houston.
well dad thats about it, i look forward to next weeks letter, thanks again for yours, and ill be safe in case there's a tornado. well talk to you later, love ya bye!
love hank

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