Monday, September 3, 2012

(A.J.): A normal week....barely touched by Hurricane Isaac

Hey guys, things have been going good this past week. It really has just been a normal week, nothing out of the ordinary. Each day I just get up, work out, do my studies until 12 have lunch, then go do lessons. It is pretty much the same each day. Well, the Hurricane barely hit me, there was about a period of time of about an hour where where we got hit really bad and it just rained really hard and there were hard winds, but that was about it. after an hour is just kinda lightly rained for the rest of the day. So ya, that is about it on the hurricane. OK, mom, so those pictures I sent, the bug one, that was an accidental picture that I sent, I didn't mean to send that one, but I just saw a big bug on the wall and decided to take a picture. (*Lisa's note:  Figured the bug meant something, so I posted it last week!  haha) The other picture with the 2 ladies are members of the ward. They are Haitians and the stake was doing a cultural activity and so they were dressed up and getting ready to do a Haitian dance. They are strong members and are really cool. The one on my left is named Evna and she speaks English fluently and she feeds us a lot of Haitian food. She is really cool. Well, about the bike question. We have actually been full car for the past 2 weeks, which is nice, but usually, actually starting this week, we will switch off each day to a car and then a bike. Well, sounds like everything is good. Nothing new or different happened.  I can't believe hank gets back in 2 weeks though. Its crazy. I wish I was gonna be there to see he him, but I'm here. oh well. Sounds like Ross is doing good too. I'm glad he is great. I miss him and think about him a lot and wonder what he is doing. but It sounds like he is doing good. Well, I have to go now. I guess I'll talk to you later. See ya and take care.

Love, A.J.

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