Monday, September 10, 2012

(HANK): One more week!!!!

(Wow, it's hard to believe Hank will be home next week!  I have to explain his P.S.  We've had the sister missionaries living with us since May, they moved in two weeks after A.J. left.  It's been a great experience having them live here all summer, but with Hank coming home next week, it was time for them to leave.  They left 2 days ago...and we feel the void.  When John was reporting to the High Council how it was having the sisters live with us, he cracked a joke and said "Well, it's been such a great experience, that we're thinking of finding a place for Hank to live, and keeping the sisters."  He said he got a pretty good laugh out of it.  We didn't realize that his joke would go "viral"...and several people have mentioned to me that they heard we were trying to find a place for Hank to live, that we'd rather keep the sisters!  haha.  So...I told Hank about it this last email to him, and his P.S. is in reply to it.  Glad he's got a sense of humor about it.)

hey mom how you doing? 9 days left!! next Monday ill have 2 more left. next Monday is my last pday and my last email from the mission! sorry just excited. wow. ok so I'm glad you got the camera card. about a fourth of those pictures are in greenwood. and ill explain the pictures you sent in order.
...oh and today is exchanges so I'm going back to Philly tonight and tomorrow to see everyone back there again. I'm really looking forward to that. so I'm going to start sending stuff off this week and when you get the packages just put them in my room or something. ill open them when i get back.
 ...when i get back home i want to get a job as soon as possible by the way. i want/need to start making money for school and a car (and video games, a mini fridge, dr.pepper, and useless junk that i don't need haha). but seriously its mainly going to be for school and a car. well mom thanks again for everything, i am so looking forward to seeing all y'all again. ill talk to you next Monday in my last email, love ya bye!
love hank

PS look for my packages! and put them in the room ill stay in, that is unless you want me to move out so you can have the sisters still be there. i get it you like them more than me, haha jk

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