Tuesday, September 4, 2012

(JONNA) Greetings from Louisiana!

Yup! I am in Louisiana today! We are on exchanges with the Sisters in Lake Charles. So, that is where I am at today. I got here last night and my temporary comp is Sister Tuig from  American Samoa. She is 24 too! Wahoo!! It has been fun. Sister Hick is with Sister K in Woodville. So, look for photos from Louisiana in the coming weeks! We had Zone Pday in Beaumont yesterday, and that is where we switched.
As for the hurricane...we got a TEENY bit of it! We got wind :) It was a pretty windy day. Almost eerie in that the wind was the result of a hurricane that really wasn't too far away. We got updates from members all day long. No rain, just wind. Sounds like Hank got most of it. I wasn't sure where he was at Green-something? All I know is that his long area on the coast was plastered. Our Branch President said last week, "Sisters...be honest. You would LOVE to see a hurricane hit here, wouldn't yall?" We looked at each other and sheepishly said...."yes..." :) We had to be prepared for evacuation just in case. There is a limited amount of things we are supposed to and allowed to bring in case of an evacuation. During Hurricane Rita, the mission president told the elders here to ride it out at the chapel. There were 6 of them. And, the members said the Elders LOVED it. I would like it too. And, I think I would really like to do the service after. That's really what I'd like to do. But, hearing the stories of Hurricane Rita and Ike, makes me really understand and realize the damage and danger of hurricanes. yikes!
Dad-This Princess Bride! I figured it out by the 2nd quote. Although, I sat there and stared at the first one for a few minutes because it was bugging me. I love that movie. SO much. The other day-Saturday-we walked into the Nursing Home. And, in their lobby is a TV that is always on. That night, Toy Story was on. oh...my....gosh. Talk about temptation!!! Sister K almost had to drag me away. Then, as we rounded the corner into a hall, country music was playing really loud. Like, good country. I think it was Hank Williams that was being played. Boy, talk about homesick and trunky. It lasted about 3 minutes until we got to our member's room. Then, it was killing me when we had to walk by the TV again. It was the part where Woody & Buzz were in the toy machine with the aliens. Woody says, "Back, back you zealots!" Haha-always liked that part.
On Friday, we got to volunteer at a fundraiser dinner. At the last minute, we were put into a hot, humid, sweaty kitchen serving up to-go boxes of Mexcian Food. It was so fun. The whole community comes out once a year for this event. And, we wanted to get our names out. So, the whole town saw us: two sisters in skirts, sweaty, plasic gloves on, dishing up Mexican food and having a good time. We saw lots of people pointing at us and talking. Yay! Good or bad, it was really awesome that everyone saw us there-doing the background work but having a good time. The newspaper even took a photo of us. So, if we make it in the paper, I'll have to send one home. Not sure if I'll make it though...haha
Thanks for the update on 20th Ward. Boy, do I miss it. We had a great sacrament meeting on Sunday too. The Spirit was strong and I thought, "This reminds me of a 20th Ward meeting." Probably one of the highest compliments I think I could muster for any meeting. There is just something special about 20th Ward. The love, unity, service, and spirit is priceless and hard to find anywhere else. To think, I was so angry to be there 10 years ago. What a blessing those people have been in my life. I am truly-FOREVER grateful for them.
Well, I sent in my absentee ballot thing. At first, when I got it-it had a card to send in that said "Permanent Early Voting Ballot" I was like, I don't want this forever, just this year. So, I didn't think I needed to do anything. THEN, last week, I looked at it again and thought, "maybe this is what I need to fill out." So I did and sent it in. Hope it isn't too late! Sorry, I was slacking! But, dad, thanks for getting that for me.
This week has been a little better. Ann set a date to be baptized-9/15. The same day her husband was baptized 6 years ago. Pray she makes it! We are so excited!
Also, I am glad yall liked the postcards. If I find any in LA, I'll send them too. But, not sure if I will be able to or not yet. How cool that I've made it to LA?? I could still serve here in the future, but you never know!
Also, sorry yall are going to have to say goodbye to the sisters at home. It is a HUGE sense of pride/encouragement to know that I have been serving side by side with my brothers and to have sisters living in my home. I don't know who else is blessed like we are.
I love yall so much. Mom, thanks for sending out that blog info.
Love yall!
Sister Jackson

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