Tuesday, September 4, 2012

(HANK) - Bonding with families,"trunked out"- 2 more weeks-!

hey mom can you believe it 15 days left!! wow!! I'm very excited I've never thought i would make it this far. really I'm trunked out like crazy haha. sorry but its hard not to think about home right now when I'm this close. so about the airport and the open house. I'm cool with whatever, but nothing to big and flashy haha. The more the merrier. i really cant wait to see you guys and all my friends again. the open house thing sounds cool but again nothing too big are flashy haha. its weird that were even talking about this. there are alot of things going through my mind and maybe it will be easier to express them in person.....well mom thanks for everything, next week is my last "normal" letter home, because after  that will be day before transfers. well i love all yall ill talk to you guys next week, love ya bye!
love hank

hey dad how you doing? well the big thing this week was hurricane Issac. we got some of it and mostly it was just rain and wind. alot of both. i was thinking alot about the coast and wondering how it is going down there and how my friends down there are doing. I've heard nothing too bad has happened except for flooding of the us 90. i remember in LEE when a tree fell down on gators house and that was bad and we couldn't drive on the us 90 for a while because of debris. so i can only imagine how it is right now. well dad you mentioned in your letter that you hope that I'm not trunky and I'm really trying not to be but I'm really trunky right now. i think its normal to feel like this when its this close but things are still going good in greenwood. we go to belzoni every Saturday and we meet with the boles down there. they are really awesome and I'm going to miss them when i leave. I'm going to get a picture with them this week or next week, well see. I'm really bonding with the people here and I'm going to miss everybody in all my area pretty much especially pass christian. well dad thanks for the letter, I'm looking forward to coming back but I'm going to be sad so say goodbye to these people also. well ill talk to you later, love ya
love hank

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