Monday, February 28, 2011

Carla's story about prayer, and Hank's reply. Feb 28, 2011.

The following is a story I shared with Hank in my email to him this morning:
"I have to tell you an interesting experience this past week. Take it as you will...but what touched me most, was the faith of a little child, in this case, Carla.
Last Sunday (not yesterday), after we got home from church, Carla came in to my room pretty distraught, and said Juliet's eyes were looking real bad. I went in the kitchen, and her right eye was almost completely closed, very goopy looking, and her other eye was very goopy and looked mangled a bit. Almost like she'd been in a dog fight. ...Carla was pretty upset, and had a hard time looking at her. I explained that it's probably a symptom of her blindness, and that we could still love her, and get used to her this way. This was upsetting to Carla. She just couldn't look at her. That night while I was doing dishes, she came up to me and said "Mom...I said a prayer. For Juliet." I asked her what she prayed about, and she said "that her eyes will get better." My heart kind of sank, really...Hank. I thought in my head "Oh, Carla....her eyes are only going to get worse". But I didn't say that, I said "Carla...we'll see. It's all up to the Lord, and what He thinks is best." She was adamant, Hank, that her eyes would look better soon.
The next day, we got up, and Carla went to see Juliet. BOTH eyes looked normal again, Hank. BOTH! I was stunned. I learned a lesson that day, about having faith. Carla was ecstatic, and reminded me several times, that she'd said a prayer, and knew Juliet would look better. It was really something. I don't know if that sounds silly to you...coincidence, etc. But regardless...your little sister had, and has a ton of faith, and I realized I need to have more myself....Juliet's doing GREAT, don't worry. She has gotten along very well, and if she never sees again, she'll be fine."

Hank's reply:
...well Juliet is getting better? man i really hope that this all works out, I don't think that it was a coincidence with Carla. I really think that Carla really helped out. Let me know how this home remedy thing works out. I think that everything will be alright. well that's it for now thanks again for everything, bye!
love hank

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