Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

Excerpts from a couple of emails from Hank today...
hey well I'm finally writing back now, haha! as you know the library was closed on Monday so i wasn't able to write home on Monday. now yesterday we had a zone conference in Clinton, and man was it long. it lasted from like 9:30 am to like 5 o'clock pm! by the time we got back (30 minute drive from Clinton to Vicksburg) library was closed. so we had to do it today. well this week has been pretty good. last week i went to Clinton on exchange with the zone leaders, and it was cool. we actually went to Jackson too for part of the day. so now i can officially say that i "served" in Jackson, haha! so yah the temple is most likely going to be in Clinton, but will probably be called the Jackson Mississippi temple. Clinton is just outside of Jackson. Elder Mc was telling me that about a year ago, the guy who is in charge of temples came down here and looked at a sight in Clinton and said it would be a great spot for a temple. Mississippi has 4 stakes right now, and he said when it gets 5 stakes then they will put a temple in it. so right now the goal is to split the Jackson stake into 2 stakes. i think in the near future a temple will be announced, but i think ill be home by the time it happens.
 Anyway this week was cool, oh by the way i did meet the RS president of Vicksburg, her name was sister finch (it's actually Finn), i think. she found me and told me that she had a friend in Oregon who knew you, (Julie Slack from Ventura) and said that she had to keep an eye out for me, haha! so yah it was pretty cool. on Monday we went around Vicksburg "relic hunting" for old civil war artifacts with a medal detector. we didn't find anything but he wants to go out again next week. in the past he said that hes found around 250,000 dollars worth of old civil war artifacts used in the battle of Vicksburg. he showed us alot of them too, he showed us like 6 belt buckles that he found (4 of them Union, 2 of them Confederate) and a badge and some other stuff too. its pretty cool, looking at the military park. anyway lets hope that next week we have better luck.
This week me and my companion had some food called "menudo". menudo is cow stomach. it was so cool! anyway i thought i should tell you that! I'm way excited to try chitlins but haven't had the opportunity yet. ill let you know when i do. oh and bye the way i did get my GPS, its a garmin 4 inch screen and it works great! thanks again! oh and we have 2 baptisms this Saturday, R____ and Z____, so its pretty exciting! well that's it for now, ill talk to you next week, bye!
love hank

PS tell A.J. I'm sorry that he didn't make the volleyball team

(part of email to John today...)
....well how are things going back home, its hard to believe that everybody is leaving on their missions now, its pretty cool. well this week was alright, I went to Clinton last week on exchange and it was cool, i enjoyed being in a different area, Vicksburg is cool, I'm starting to get used ti it better. its cool looking at the monuments and stuff about the civil war, i haven't taken pictures yet because my batteries are dead, so I'm going to get some more. yah the battle of Vicksburg was a big battle. i remember hearing about it in history class but i didn't pay much attention to it. but now that I'm actually at Vicksburg, i try and remember the stuff that i learned about it. its cool re-learning stuff about the battle of Vicksburg and i think I'm going to enjoy being here for a while longer. well we have 2 baptisms this week and they look like they are definitely going to hold through. ill tell you about them next week. well that's it for now, ill talk to you next week. bye!
love hank

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