Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hank was transferred to Vicksburg, Mississippi today, which is right on the Mississippi River!  This is the only email we got from him today.  We're not sure if we'll hear from him until next Monday, or maybe tomorrow.  Regardless...we're assuming he made it safely to Vicksburg, and is settling in to his new area with his new companion.  Until we get his new address, all his mail should go to the Mission Home.  We'll post his new address as soon as we get it. 
Hi Mom!
hey i didn't get your last email, it kind of failed to send it or something. well in case your still wondering I'm not in Vicksburg yet. the guys decided to email first before we get on the transfer van. ill probably get on again at Vicksburg because Elder Mc is probably going to go when i get there. well things are going good I'm pretty excited to leave but I'm very nervous. to tell you the truth I'm very sad to leave west Monroe. its been great and yesterday i said goodbye to alot of people. well that's all for now, ill email back in a few hours. our transfer van is leaving in like 30 minutes. well talk to you soon. bye!
love hank

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