Monday, January 31, 2011

Excerpt of email dated Jan 31, 2011

well i had my birthday on Friday and it was pretty cool....
.... i opened your package that you sent and i loved the gifts you sent! i literally played the magnetic chess game like 20 times already! it was pretty fun. me and c____ have played it a lot now. the cookies were great! they were a little dry but its ok, we just had milk with them and they were fine.
....well this week was pretty cool. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Higgins went to Brandon to go to a training meeting. So W was with me and C for those days. On Tuesday night we ate part of the raccoon that we skinned. it tasted really good actually! We're cooking the rest of it tonight over at the Sapps place! We also skinned another raccoon too! We found a dead one that was still pretty fresh so we picked it up into a bag and skinned it but threw that meat away. That was earlier in the week.
...Well this week has been pretty low with lessons. Appointments fall through a lot. But on Saturday we went over to an investigators house named D____ and she only speaks Spanish. So me and c went over there and C taught the lesson. It was interesting watching it. It went well he said and were going back this week sometime. Well as you know this Saturday is transfer info and were going to find out if we stay or go. There's alot that might happen so next Tuesday is my next p-day so I'll let you know then where I'm at. So just for this week when you send stuff in the mail use the mission home address, just until I find out where I'm going. Well that's about it this week. I'm glad that things back home are going good for you all. It's pretty exciting that Cole is going to Georgia! It's going to be very exciting! Well thanks for the emails! I love reading them I'll talk to you next Tuesday! Bye!
Love Hank 

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  1. So Hank is eating roadkill? Raccoon roadkill? Yum! Your cousin, Christian on his mission learned to skin a bear from an investigator in Canada. You never know what great skills you'll learn while serving a mission!
    Happy Birthday, too Hank. We love you and wish you well!

    Love, Aunt Debi and family