Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 3, 2010

Hey Mom!
this week was pretty cool for the most part. on new years eve we all stayed up until midnight for the new year. it was nothing special we just waited until 12:00. we then went to bed right after. my new companion, elder C, is actually from Houston. He was in the Brazil mission at first but then went home for health reasons. he then got reassigned to Mississippi Jackson mission. hes a pretty cool guy. Elder H is still here and is training a new missionary who just came out from the MTC. his name is Elder W and is from South Ogden Utah. so were all still here for 6 more weeks. our next transfer day is February 8th. ill let you know on that day where I'm moving to next (if i am moving). this week i was showing C the area a bit. we didn't really do much except that really. its been raining this week so we've been having some nice weather. its very relaxing when it rains. hows the weather been in Arizona? that's crazy that it snowed! that like never happens! did you guys go see it? and also those pictures of Juliet! she lost a ton of weight! i cant believe it! its crazy that she lost like 20 pounds right? anyway this week was pretty good, nothing really interesting happened. but hopefully this week will be more eventful. i was going to try and send you some pictures, but the card reader that I'm using isn't really working. I'm going to get another one. well ill talk to you guys on next Monday. Bye!
Love hank

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