Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10, 2010

Hey i guess you guys already know about this ice storm blowing through here! i was going to tell  you  about it, but i guess you already know, ha ha! well as you already know, a HUGE ice storm is came through here on Sunday morning and freezing rain is still going on right now! its pretty cool! i woke up at like 5 o clock yesterday when Higgins went like, "Its snowing!" i got up and went outside and it was Snowing, like real snow! the snowflakes were like the size of quarters! it was cool! and the sleet lasted all day! i did hydroplane a few times but nothing too serious. but yah, it was real easy to skid. on one of mine i was going like 5 miles per hour and turned the corner  and i kept going for like 5 seconds. and also there are so many icicles. i took so many  pictures of the icicles! there everywhere right now! ill send some pictures when i am able to! well that is like the  biggest story this week. i hope this storm lasts a long time! they closed alot of places today! I'm not at the library right now, its closed for the day. I'm at the sapps using their computer to email! they live right underneath us.
 well this week we've been doing the same thing, just meeting and teaching people. its going good, but nothing big has really happened. people were getting ready for the storm all week. well this week might go a little slower because of it, but I'm OK with it, i like stormy weather. I think you already know that though, ha ha! well i didn't know that Cole sent his papers in! i already gave  him a prediction before i left, but i forgot what i said. i think  i said either Florida or Canada. but  i think he's going foreign learning a language, because all of his siblings went English speaking. well thanks for the emails and thinking about me during this storm, ha ha!
I forgot to tell you a little bit more about Elder C. hes an awesome guy! hes very cool and i think I'm going to get along with him just fine this transfer. i hope i stay with commock, and west Monroe for a while!
love hank

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