Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hank's friend, Cole

Hank has been good friends with Cole since they were toddlers, and they've grown up together. 
L-R: Jonna, Ciara, Cole, Hank.  Cole's 3rd birthday  (Dec. 1994)
L-R:  Hank, Cole, A.J. and friend Reed after painting Whittier Elementary Baseball backstops for Hank's Eagle project.  (March 2007)
And so Cole was there when Hank opened his mission call in June of last year, and he was there with us at the airport when Hank left for his mission on Sept 15. 

A.J., Cole, Jonna, Carla, Addie, John, and Jeri ( Lisa, taking picture) watching Hank's plane take off.

Hank and Cole, 3 days before Hank left for his mission.  (Sept 2010)

Last night Cole got his mission call, to the Georgia Atlanta North Mission.  Jonna and A.J. were there when he opened his call, and they said he was pretty choked up as he read it. (Jonna is good friends with  Cole's sister, Ciara, who just got back from her own mission from England last month.) wow!  Cole is going to the South too!! I look forward to Hank's letter on Monday, and what he has to say about his call. 

Also, Hank's other friend, Jake, who is serving in Paraguay right now...his family is from Georgia, and has had several family vacations back there.  He told Hank when he got his call how much he would love the South. 
Hank and Jake in MTC, Sept 2010

We're pretty excited for Cole now, as he gets ready to leave in only 2 months, on March 23rd.  That happens to be my mom's birthday, and the day before A.J's 18th birthday!  Wow, in just one more year, A.J. should be heading out himself.  This "time going fast" thing is just killing me!!

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