Monday, January 24, 2011

Excerpt from email dated Jan 24, 2011

...hows the week been? well this week was pretty cool! i got the email from Cole. he's going to Georgia Atlanta North Mission! that's so cool that hes going to the south too! that's pretty awesome! how long is Cole staying in the MTC? I'm just wondering.
...well this week has been pretty good like i said, me and c taught a few lessons this week and they went really good. the V____went to church again this week and that was really good, they haven't come in a while. were going to try and go over there again this week. hopefully things are going good with them. we have a dinner appointment with J R! i always enjoy going over to their house for dinner because J went to Mesa Arizona on his mission. its fun talking to him about mesa.
...well the crazy fun thing is that 2 days ago me and c went over to a members house and we talked for a little bit. as we were leaving the dad gave us a full raccoon that he shot the night before and gave it to us to skin and eat. well that night we skinned it! it took us forever but now we have a cool raccoon skin to hang up on the wall or make a hat out of it. after that we gutted it and put all the meat in the freezer! there was a lot of meat on it! it was so cool! were going to eat it probably next week so ill tell you how it went!
...anyway that's about it this week! its great hearing about you guys from home! ill talk to you next week! love ya! bye!
love hank

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