Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandma Jackson's surprise visit

John's mom, who lives in Alabama, drove through West Monroe early this past Saturday morning, coming back from a visit to Arizona. Hank hasn't seen his Grandma in over a year. She and John's sister Susan surprised Hank, and took he and his companion and roommates to lunch.  She just posted these pictures tonight on her Facebook, and I was surprised to find myself very emotional looking at them.  I mean, really....he's only been gone 4 months, we've been in touch with him weekly, and we had a great phone call on Christmas Day.  We feel pretty blessed that we've had so much communication with him. But to see these pictures, even my kids said "He looks different".  He does.  He looks so much more grown up than I remember, and he looks so happy.  He'll be 20 years old in 2 weeks.  He's not a little boy anymore...and pretty soon, not even a teenager.  I'm such a mom, but it's true when I say...he is man.
Elder Hank Jackson with his Grandma, Betty Jackson.  Jan. 15, 2011
Hank with his Grandma Betty, and Aunt Susan.  Jan. 15, 2011
Taking the Missionaries to lunch. 
The surprise!
In back: (L-R) Elder W, Elder C, Elder Jackson. Elder H is on the bike.

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  1. Ha! How fun for him! I'm sure the other elders were thrilled to be taken out to lunch! :) I love his face in the "surprise" picture. He's looking great and he's sure lucky to have such a devoted and loving family!