Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18, 2011

Excerpts of emails to me and to John this week....
hey mom! hey sorry i dint write back yesterday, all the librarys were closed because of the holiday. as you already know grandma Jackson visited me on Saturday and it was awesome! so you saw all the pictures already?! i can tell you the names right now. in the picture where somebody is sitting on the bike :in the back it goes starting on the left, elder w, C, then me. H is on the bike. so how long did grandma stay in mesa? that was so cool that they stopped by in west Monroe! it was awesome! she just showed up! i heard knock on the door then i went to go answer it, and there they were, and then grandma snapped a picture of me like right when i opened it! haha! it was great! anyway that was the big highlight of the week.
last week we went through the ice storm which was cool. i took so many pictures of it. anyway i don't need any warm clothes or thermals, haha I'm doing just fine.
...right now I'm in Monroe with r at ULM in the library! its pretty awesome. anyway that's where were doing the emails at today. yesterday for pday we went to farmerville to play mud rugby with all the other missionaries. that's cool that the M____ live in greenville. i actually know where greenville is, there are missionaries there! so i might one day be assigned to that area! anyway my letter is incredibly short this week, sorry. I'm a little busy today. ill write back next week with more news i guess. oh and thanks for the birthday package your going to send me, that's awesome! until next week, bye!
love hank
hey dad! ...
....yesterday I went on exchange again and I'm in Monroe until Wednesday, with Elder R. so anyway things went pretty good this week. as you already know Grandma surprised me this week, haha! it was pretty awesome, we were just chilling in our apartment when somebody knocked on our door. i was like "ill get it". then i opened it and grandma snapped a picture of me, i was like in shock, haha! it was pretty funny. well we talked and then she took us out to lunch. we tried going to Cheddars again but it was to full, and so we went to Wendy's instead. after lunch we had to say goodbye and she left. it was pretty cool, I'm glad that she stopped by. anyway that was like the big highlight of the week for me. church was alright this week. well last week we had stake conference and president monsen and L tom perry and a few others spoke in Salt Lake and had it telecast to all the gulf states. this week they showed it again. so that's what we did on Sunday.
well for dinners we usually get fed like 4 times a week. last night somebody in our ward named s____ took us to his dads family restaurant. it was so cool, it was like a benihana type thing, where you sit down and the cook cooks it in front of you while doing these cool tricks! it was cool. so that was last night. well what happens with us is like this: the T____ feed us on Sundays, the c____ feed us on Tuesday, the H____ feed us on Wednesday, and the R____ feed us on Thursday. and that's about it. once in a while somebody will sign up for lunch or another night, but usually this is how our dinners go in west Monroe. anyway it was great talking with you dad, ....ill talk to you next week. bye!
love hank

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