Sunday, January 23, 2011

A glimpse of Hank grinning ear to ear

Hank (right) with Elder W.
Hank has a great smile...he always has!  But when he usually poses for a picture, he rarely shows his true smile.  (in fact, the picture I have of him at the top right of this blog, above his testimony, was taken at Fossil Creek a few weeks before he left for his mission, and it was a candid shot... he didn't know I was taking the picture until it was too late. It's a favorite of mine, because it shows his real smile.)  My mother-in-law, Betty, took a video of Hank and his companions at lunch when she and John's sister Susan were driving through Louisiana, heading back to Alabama a few weeks ago.  Betty posted a short video clip of he and the other Elders at lunch, and I froze this image of Hank and had to share it.  It's a bit grainy, but I love it.  I love seeing how happy he is. 

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