Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First email from Hank at his new area, Vickburg, Mississippi

hey I'm in Vicksburg Mississippi now! OK when we drove over the Mississippi river, Its Huge! looking down it on the bridge is awesome! it is so wide! anyway ill be seeing it a lot more often now, because Vicksburg is right on the river. its pretty cool. Vicksburg is a really "Hilly" place. the whole city is on hills. its pretty cool and all the building are old looking. today we went to visit an investigator and she lived in this very southern old style building and it was weird driving through the rest of the city. the whole city is like that. its the first time where i actually felt like I'm not in the U.S. its cool though, i don't really know how to describe it. but anyway its pretty cool. my new companion is elder Mc. hes a cool guy and he goes home in 6 weeks, the end of the transfer. so I'm getting a new companion in 6 weeks guaranteed. elder c stayed in west Monroe, he's probably going to stay there until he goes home in may. west Monroe was a good area and i really like the people there and the members were cool, and my companion was awesome. but i guess i had to leave sometime. Vicksburg will probably be my area for a while because usually the 2nd area you're in is usually the longest one. so I'm here and i think ill enjoy it.  
....oh and coca cola was first bottled here in Vicksburg too. there was a big civil war battle fought here and apparently lost the war for the Confederacy. the whole city was a battlefield and theres a few civil war museum's and the soldiers cemetery. ill take alot of pictures while I'm here. well so far i haven't met too many of the members, i met the ward mission leader and he lives like 200 feet away from our apartment.

so yah hes the only member of the ward i met so far. i met one of our investigators this morning like i said already, and it looks like she is going to be baptized this month. the missionaries before me have been working with her for a few months now and like last month or so she finally agreed to baptism. her name is R____. anyway elder mc is a cool guy, he was elder b___ companion last year and really got along with him. so that's a cool thing that me and Mc have in common. hes from Logan, Utah. well that's about it for now. transfers were crazy but now there over with, ill email you next week. hope you enjoy these pictures. alot of them date back to a few months ago, in these ones it has the McDonald's sign that says farmerville, a raccoon in the trash can, and shaquielle o'neals shoes (that i actually wore) . well ill talk to you later bye!
love hank

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