Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day, Feb. 14, 2011

hey! well Ive been in Vicksburg for about a week now, and its pretty cool for the most part. i love all the historic stuff about it and seeing the Mississippi river a lot and the artifacts on display and stuff but I'm still going to have to get used to it. its pretty cool though, it actually snowed this week and we had a snowball fight and it was fun! the snow lasted on the ground for a few days but now its all melted. oh and something funny happened this week too! well you know how you sent me some maple syrup? well i found it, haha!* OK the big case of e-mergen-C, i thought that it was full of e-mergen-C, like you guys sent me like a year supply of it,haha! Well i decided to open it and i found the maple syrup! haha I'm going to have to get more Bisquick though because i ate it all! thank you again for the syrup! real maple syrup is so good! (*Note: We sent Hank some Bisquick and real maple syrup for Christmas...but he said he never got the syrup! We'd packed it real good because it was glass, and had packed it in a Costco size box of "Emer-gen-C".  haha.  This makes me laugh, that he thought we'd sent him a years supply!  Glad the mystery is solved, because I thought I'd lost my mind...wondering why he got the rest of the stuff we'd sent for Christmas, but no syrup! We sent them all together! Just couldn't figure it out!)

well this transfer we are probably going to get 3 baptisms. before i got here, Elder Mc and his companion were working with these people and set them up with baptism dates so its pretty cool. their names are R___, Z____ and A____. Z is getting baptised this week and R next week and A in march. So that's what we have going on this transfer. Mc is a cool guy and I'm going to get along with him this transfer.

I'm glad things are going good back home for the most part, that's great that dad is working on 3 more sales! i really hope he gets them! and I'm glad that California was cool! i cant wait to go back to California on our family trip! well i hope Juliet gets better, is she doing good? its not super serious right? do you think that this insulin will help her eyesight and health? i hope shes doing OK.
well i like it here so far, but i do miss my last area from time to time. i keep telling myself that i have to move on and that everybody does this. well i think that in a few weeks ill feel better about it. well that's pretty much it this week nothing much has really happened, and I'm looking forward to the package your sending! well that's it for now, bye!
love hank

Part of an email to John today:
hey! whats up?! well Vicksburg is pretty cool so far, i do occasionally miss my last area but i have to get over it, i fell like that in a few weeks ill be ok with it. well not much has happened this week, Elder Mc is a cool guy he wants to join the air force when he goes home. i really like him. well today I'm going on exchanges and I'm going to be in Clinton, Mississippi for the next few days. I'm excited to go there. i heard that when a temple will be built in Mississippi eventually, it would be in Clinton because i heard that an area in Clinton has already been inspected for a possible temple a few years ago. well yah I'm pretty excited to see a new part of Mississippi. well that's pretty much it for now i hope that you get better, ill talk to you next week. Bye!
love hank
i thought that the 5 generation Jackson thing was cool, its hard to believe that there's 5 generations now!** wow anyway i forgot to mention that! bye!
love hank
(**John's sister, Susan is a grandma now, her daughter Jessicca had a baby last week, first Grandchild on the Jackson side.  His Grandma, Thelma Jackson, is still living at 98 years old...and so he mentioned to Hank how there are now 5 generations living on the Jackson side.  Pretty amazing!)

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  1. That's so funny about the maple syrup being "lost" in the Emer-gen-C box! So glad he found it and gets to enjoy its delicious-ness! :)