Thursday, September 8, 2011

Excert of email sent Sept. 6, 2011- Tropical Storm Lee

Hey Mom! Well this week was cool, tropical storm Lee came and it was crazy! Seriously I never knew how strong a tropical storm was. it was pretty cool though, we went out to the beach and took some pictures!! I'll send them to you soon. A tree landed on Gators house and his electricity went out, we went over yesterday with some ward members and we took the tree down. He's doing good. and also the floor in our room at the apartment is wet because of the rain, pretty crazy. It was fun riding through it. Extreme weather is crazy. Well we went to the Nec's yesterday and they are doing awesome! They bought us ties!! They seriously are really cool, I'm really glad that I'm staying another 6 weeks. oh yah transfer info all four of us are staying me, Elder T, Elder M, and Elder K. That's really all that happened this week, the storm really slowed things down, I cant wait for you guys to see the pictures.
Well anyway thanks for the letter, and don't worry I'm fine from the storm haha, I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

Hey Dad! Well tropical storm Lee came through this week and it was really cool. It was so windy and raining alot. It was actually pretty crazy i never realized how powerful tropical storms were until it came. back home when the news was saying that a tropical storm hit Florida or whatever i was like "oh that's nothing" but it was crazy. A tree landed on gators house and so we went over yesterday to help chop it down, he really appreciated it. I definitely took pictures and stuff. Well with transfer info. all four of us are staying again for 6 more weeks. so me and Elder T are both here again. I'm pretty excited about it, pass christian is a good place and I've made so many friends here. especially the Nec's family were teaching. they are awesome, and they really like us. They are our top investigators right now and things are going good. How has it been back home? Just refereeing more games? That's cool, when I  come back I would like to go to some of those games. I never really saw you referee before, I really want to watch now. Well dad thanks for the letter. I'll talk to you later thanks, bye!
love Hank

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