Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hank sent us his SD card full of pictures from Vicksburg and Pass Christian.  About 700 pictures! Here's a few...to give you an idea of where he's been serving. 
A playground under an overpass, in Pass Christian. 
Look close at Hank's skin, you can see how hot and humid it is!

Last night in Vicksburg- saying goodbye to a great family they'd been teaching.  May 2011.

The bridge Hank and Elder T ride over every day. 

Pass Christian
P-Day.  A family they are teaching loaned them their golf clubs!

What's left of a house after Hurricane Katrina.

I think Hank is still in Vicksburg in this picture.  Some of the pictures are mixed up! 
I think this was taken in April, but not sure!  But I love this picture!

Hank and his companion, Elder "T". This is their 3rd transfer together in Pass Christian.

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  1. Hooray for pictures!

    It is hilarious to me that Hank still smiles and stands like he did when he was ten. Good looking young man. :)