Monday, September 19, 2011

Package from Hank- Conference Crunch recipe

We got the funniest package from Hank on Saturday.  We rarely get packages from him, I think the last one was last Christmas.  So this came as a surprise.  John handed me the box, and I felt it, and I said to John "It feels like he sent us bricks!"  We opened it, and it WAS bricks.  Two of them!  And also 3 railroad nails, an empty bottle of super hot sauce, and an empty can of Dr. Pepper. There was a letter that came with it, and he explained the items.  In honor of his one year, he wanted to send these items home, to keep for him as mementos.  The 2 bricks came from his apartment in Pass Christian.  (They were 2 bricks laying around outside his apartment.)  The railroad nails came from 3 different places.  West Monroe, Vicksburg, and Pass Christian.  He's collecting railroad nails from each area!  I love it.  Totally Hank!  And the hot sauce bottle is what's left of a dare.  Hank was dared to drink the entire bottle by his companion when he was back in West Monroe, and he took the dare, and drank it.  And then he threw it all up.  And THEN, he sent us a picture.  Dis-gust-ing!  No, I won't post that picture, so no worries.  And finally, the Dr. Pepper his letter, he wrote "just letting you know I'm still drinking Dr. Pepper"  It has Thor on it, I think that's why he saved this particular can. 
So we sent him a One Year Mark package today.  His only request when I asked him last week what we could send him, was "Conference Crunch".  It's a snack that originally came from a friend of ours, Molly Wright, who liked to drop it off every General Conference.  It's great!  (The recipe is at the end of this post.) Last General Conference, we sent him 2 big gallon sized bags of it, one for him, and one for his companion.  That's what he wanted in his package this week, the only thing he asked for, so today we mailed it out.  And we decided to add a few things, so we added an Arizona T shirt, a jar of JIF Peanut Butter, a bunch of candy, and Addie came up with the idea to send something from home, something he'd appreciate.  So we sent him a ziploc with a bag of leaves from our citrus trees, a pine cone from our tree in the back yard, and 3 little limes from our lime tree, that just started producing limes for the first time this season!  Hopefully he'll get a kick out of it.  If he can send home railroad nails and bricks, we can sent him pinecones and limes from our tree! I think he'll especially love all the notes Jonna writes all over the things we put in the package.  (She does it every time!  If only I was that creative). 

Conference Crunch (courtesy of Molly Wright)
6 cups Golden Grahams
6 cups Rice Chex
3-4 cups nuts (I use cashews and slivered almonds)
-Stir the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
-In a saucepan bring the following ingredients to a boil for 3 minutes (not any longer!):
1 cup sugar
1 cup light Karo Syrup
¾ cup butter or margarine
-After it boils for 3 minutes then pour it over the
dry mixture. Stir it until it is coated evenly, then pour onto wax
paper to cool.

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