Monday, September 12, 2011

Excerpt of emails dated Sept 12, 2011- one year mark this week!

Hank will be out one year on Sept 15!  Wow!  It's FLOWN!
Here are some excerpts of the emails we got from him this week:
hey mom how you doing, Well this week is the pretty eventful. The 9/11 10th anniversary and my 1 year mark. It's pretty exciting to get past 1 year. Only 1 year left. I've been thinking of 9/11 this week, mostly about what i was doing 10 years ago. I think everybody subconsciously does that. Back home whenever 9/11 rolled by again, all those documentaries would come on and i would watch them but after awhile I really had to watch something else. It really got depressing. Anyway its just crazy that that was 10 years ago.  Well my 1 year mark is on Thursday and I'm pretty excited for it. I'm probably going to go out and get something to eat. And October 4th is the first day out in the mission field and that 1 year mark is coming up too. It really has gone by faster than I thought it would. So this past week was cool we mostly just went over the bridge a few times to go see people. We haven't seen Gator or the Nec family yet this week, but hopefully in this coming week we will.
love hank
Hey dad how you doing? Thanks for the letter, its crazy that the 10 anniversary of 9/11 was this week. I totally agree with you after awhile it just gets depressing. I  have to start doing something fun. My 1 year mark is pretty exciting too. Can't believe a year has gone by. And it goes by faster than  I thought. There are sometimes that it goes by way too fast, and some times where it feels like its never going to end. It depends on how your mood is I guess.
That's crazy AJ was ordained this week, I didn't know he was. That's cool and Jack is leaving too this week. He will be a year behind me. So this week we mostly just tried to see people. We weren't able to see the Nec's or Gator but it was still pretty good. I really think this may be my last transfer in Pass Christian, so I'm going to try to enjoy it while I can because I  know I'm going to leave eventually and I'll want to come back to this area. That's what happened with West Monroe and Vicksburg. Thanks again for the letter, I'll talk to you next week. love ya bye
love hank

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