Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19, 2011- One Year Mark! It's gone so FAST!

hey mom how you doing? thanks for the letter. well this week was cool. i celebrated my 1 year mark as you know, and it was cool. haha.  it really was! we went to panda express in slidell and then we came back and burned my shirt. it was so awesome, oh there are no panda express down here. the closest one is in slidell and it was built a month ago. there are literally no panda expresses, be grateful for them, back home, haha! The nec's came to church again, they stayed for primary this time, but one of their kids was absolutely scared of it, it went good though for the most part, we'll have to see them this week again to see how they liked it. you know conference is next week, and it came by again real fast, I'll only have 1 more after it. time is going by faster than i thought, I'm not saying its flying by but its faster than i thought. I've really enjoyed my first year on the mission and i hope that my next year is even better. well that's been about it, thanks for the package you can go right ahead and surprise me with stuff. I'll talk to you next week, love ya mom. bye!
love hank
hey dad thanks for the letters, it sounds like a pretty busy week with all the games going on and stuff. this week was pretty cool, celebrating my 1 year out in the mission, it was great! i cant believe that its already been a year out here it definitely went by faster than i thought it would. well we burned a shirt and went to panda express in slidell. it was great eating at panda gain. this week looks pretty cool also. were probably going to see the nec's and maybe gator and Cynthia too. conference is next Saturday and its going to be my 3rd one in the mission too, only 1 more. its definitely going bye faster than i thought. well me and Elder T are doing good, we're still pushing along. i really appreciate all that you guys do. ill talk to you next week, thanks again for everything dad love ya bye
love hank

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