Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 26- General Conference coming up

hey mom thanks for the letter, and the pictures and the package! it was a good package! thanks for the stuff that you sent in it. the pictures you sent were cool, AJ really did have long hair! haha it was awesome! and Jeri and Skyler at homecoming was cool! it was a good picture, same with Carla cheering for Westwood. i really like the one with all the ref's standing there. it was cool. well thanks again for the package, I'm going to eat that conference crunch stuff this week, and were probably going to eat out somewhere after priesthood session. its cool that conference is here again. after this, I'll have 1 more conference left on my mission. pretty cool. and dad said something to me, I'll be home for next October session. awesome! well this week was good, we had zone conference again,  its just sooo long. but it was good though. we haven't seen the nec's this week, but were going to see them this week probably. i haven't seem gator either. there probably just really busy. hopefully we get over there this week. the food down here is great. usually families feed us gumbo and red beans and rice. its pretty good. sometimes they feed us boring food like potatoes and beef because they think we don't want to try southern food, haha! i tell them I'll eat anything you make, I've eaten chitlins, I'm willing to try it all! seafood gumbo and spicy red beans and rice is probably my favorite thing though down here. but fried catfish and craw fish broil are also very good. those four food selections are my favorite thing down here. well mom thanks for the letter, i really enjoy them. I'll talk to you next week, bye!
love hank
hey dad, thanks for the letter, well i got the package you sent this week it was awesome thanks for the stuff you sent in it. grandmas letter was good. I'm glad that things are going good I'll write her a letter this week. the diamondbacks are in the playoffs? awesome! hopefully they go to the world series this year. the last time was 10 years ago. hopefully they do good. and picayune, Mississippi is right on the border of my area. I've been there a few times on exchanges there. and one of our members lives there so we go there from time to time. so usually on p-days, we really don't do much. just kind of chill with the Waveland missionaries. the last time we did something really fun was golf about 3 months ago. hopefully we do something fun again soon. I'm still taking a ton of pictures. i try to take as many as i can. its pretty cool. i have a lot of random pictures of scenery but oh well, i have alot of room for it. so conference is this week and its pretty cool, my 3rd one. next conference will be my last one on the mission. its a cool thought. well dad thanks for the letter ill talk to you next week, have a good week bye!
love hank

Hank at his Zone Conference this past week.  He's in the back on the far right.  So different than his first zone conference a year ago (below), when he looked a little overwhelmed, maybe a little homesick. (Below he's on the back row, 2nd from left)

November 2010, almost a year ago.

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