Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(A.J.) 3 more weeks in the MTC

Hey how are you doing. I just read your emails and they were great. Well first thing is first, tomorrow is wed. and i know Brianna is coming in and the cool thing is, I get to ''host'' for the first time. I am excited, I cant wait to pick up a missionary and give him the first impression of the MTC. I'm excited. Well, I wont be able to host for any sis. missionaries, but I probably will see her, if we get the chance, we will try to get a picture in front of the map. Oh, so it sounds like ''brave'' was good. One of our teachers here said, oh i'm gonna see brave tonight. I was shocked I was like '' It is already out" i completely forgot that is had already come out. it is amazing at how fast time goes by sometimes, and also at how slow too. But ya, i cant wait till i get to see brave in a couple of years. I need to make a list of movies I need to see so i don't forget. anyways, Oh, so something cool i guess has happend this past week, I am the new district leader. I mean, we only have 3 in our companionship, and in our entire district, so i guess its really not that big of a deal, but ya, I am the new district leader. Oh, so guess what, so all of the new mission presidents are here at the mtc right now, and i guess before they go out, they come here for a few days and the general authorites talk with them. So right now, at this very moment, the first presidency and 10 of the apostles are at the mtc. I havent been able to see one of them yet. We are not allowed in the building where they talk with them. Oh but Relleford, is in this special choir thing where you had to try out, and for all the meetings that the general authorites speek at, he goes and sings for them. So he saw Thomas S. Monson and everyone else. He actually shook Elder Holland's hand. So ya, I am still trying to look around for them. They leave tomorrow so i only have one more day. dont count on anything though.
 Oh, and i got a hand delivered package from Aunt Karron's friend yesterday. it was awesome. It has a ton of candy and some funny scriptures attached to it. it was awesome.

A.J. getting package from Aunt Karron.
Dad: hey, thanks for the sports updates and for the letter about Josh Harris on the deadliest catch. you know, that letter was awesome.
Mom: thanks for the package with the photos. I love them!!!! They are awesome. I just keep looking at them. thanks a ton. oh and witht he camera card. on the one i have right now, I still have a little bit of room so i'm still good for a little while, but whenever you can get it sent to me, that would be great.
Jonna: Just got your letter last night, It was awesome, glad to hear you are doing good.
Hank: I think i'll send you a letter this week, once i get your new adress, if you did move, but ya, i will probably send you one this week. wow, you are so lucky, only about 2 1/2 more months to go.
Jeri: Nice job getting the job at crazy sub. Enjoy getting money and spending it. It is awesome always having money. so enjoy it. Oh and happy birthday tomorrow!!!! I will write a hand written letter to you, but you probably wont get it till like saterday, so it will be late, but i will send one to you.
Addie: how is your summer going, sounds like you are the only one who isn't busy. You know what you should do. every morning at like 5 or 5:30. go running for 30 minuites. 2 summers ago when justin park was living with us, I got up every morning at 5 and went down to westwood to go work out for 30 or 45 minuites. It was training for volleyball and it was awesome. That year i was in the best shape of my life. I could run for ever and ever and not get tired. Those were the good old days. And then after i worked out, I would come home, and watch the world cup. It was my best summer ever, I think mainly because i got up every morning and worked out. Try it, see if it is fun, and it will give you something to do. if you don't want to do it thought, thats fine. I'm just trying to give you sugestions.
Carla: Loved your letter, I got it and read it right away. I new that the one girl in the legend of korra was fishy, i guess i was right. Thanks for the letter thought it was awesome, Oh, and thanks for taking care of buster for me.
Well, I love you all, and i got to go now. I might get on later again today, and write another little short one to Mom and Dad. Well, I love you and I miss you. But I know i'm doing the right thing. see ya later.
Love, A.J.

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