Monday, June 18, 2012

(JONNA) June 18. Father's Day...First big storm

Hey Yall!
Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I'm glad yall liked my package. It wasn't much, but I thought yall would enjoy it. Also, Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad!! Tomorrow, while you are celebrating, I will be at our "Sister's Conference." All the Sisters in the Mission get together and have a conference. It is fun, and I'll get to see my trainer again!
Sounds like things at home are going well.
Mom-Tell Tim Happy Birthday for me, will you? I don't have his address, but I know his birthday is this week. Tell him hi for me!
Hank-Good luck with transfers! Ours are the first week in July.
AJ-I got your letter. I'm gonna try to write one back this week.
Jeri-Look for a letter in the next week or so.
Family-I need a photo of Buster in the cone of shame!
Yesterday, in sacrament meeting, the Bishop spoke. He did a great job, but boy...let me tell about feeling trunky! Sister S and I both whispered to each other "Are you feeling trunky like I am?" Haha, we got over it, but talking about Father's Day was definitely a bit rough. Not sad, but rough. I was thinking about the last 2 Father's Days. Two years ago, we gave dad a card that sang "Little Bity." Remember that? (Actually, I think that was the song that was on right after I was set a part as a missionary too) Anyway, I have always loved that song and I thought Dad would like that card. I think he did :) Then, I remembered last year's Father's Day. I was at EFY in Flagstaff. I was planning on staying up there for 2 weeks straight. Then, I got a call from mom. She said, "There was a speaker in church that can't make it and Todd wanted to know if you could speak." So, I drove back to Mesa in between EFY sessions and stayed the night at Kylie & Charlie's place. I showed up to sacrament meeting and suprised dad there. Anyway, the memories made me smile :) In fact, the following quote was on the program:
"Brethren, noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine attributes of our Father in Heaven. A father should be many things. He should magnify his priesthood and be an example of righteousness. In companionship with his wife, he should be the source of stability and strength for the whole family. He should be the protector and the providor and the champion of the members of his family. Much of his love for his children should flow from his uncompromising example and he should instill character into his children." -James E. Faust (Ensign, July 2001).
Well dad, you are my champion! I like to think we've got some character as your kids, what do you think?  ;)
Well, onto my week...not much. The two baptisms we were hoping to have, have fallen through. We are trying to figure out what is going on with T.  Then, A still is working on (some things). It has been hard for him and we are doing all we can to help him out.
(By the way, Sister S is from Murray, UT. She went to high school with David Archuletta! She (and Sister H-a new Sister) hung out with him and his sister. Cool, huh? Sister S actually had conversations with him about his choice to go on a mission. Neat, ya??)
Guess what?? There was a crazy storm on Tuesday! Ok, for me it was crazy because I've never seen one like it before. Everyone else here was telling me it is normal. BUT, on Tuesday, about 6pm, we had blue skies. Out of nowhere, clouds came. They got darker and darker. I'm excited because I love thunderstorms. Then, by 7pm, there were black clouds coming at us. THEN, they turned green!! (I hear that means tornado-but I am not for sure) So, (because it was the safest thing to do...) Sister Salsberry and I pulled over and started to get photos and video of it! It was pretty awesome. We could see tons of birds flying away and then it started raining. The raindrops here are huge! It is the best.
Also, last week, we went shopping and Kylie...I have to tell you what I found! An Asian Pear! I know we have them in AZ, but I could never find them. So, I got a couple and boy, was it yummy! It has been almost 6 years since I've had one. Can you believe it? 6 years ago, we went to China?? Wow. And, I've been out longer now than I was there. Thats weird too.
So, how are the profiles coming? Here are those I've found: Ciara, Monica, Mom, Aunt Debi, Jeri, Sarah Baxter, Ross Ford, Sarah Lewis & Sarah Atkin (from 54th Ward long ago), David Little, Shye Peterson, Lindsey Layton, Kaylonnie, Ammon Clanton, Daliah & Jayze Flake, Brandon Flake, Lgan & Clarissa Baxter, Jim Wright, Molly Wright, Arielle Tanner, Mette, and Joseph Beecroft. CONGRATS to all these people! I loved reading their testimonies and hearing their stories. Everyone else who is a member of the Church...get on it! I WILL be checking. And, if I haven't found yours, I will be emailing/writing you individually. So, the challenge is again extended. What a blessing to those who read them. We get Media Referrals almost daily from So, people are reading and learning! For those who are not members of the Church. You should check out Our basic beliefs are there and then you can read the testimonies of church members from all over the world. And, there are videos of some too. It is awesome!
Ok, well I have to get going now. Pray that the hearts of those we are working with will soften. And, that the parents of those who want to learn will soften too. There are lots of youth now who are interested, but parents are not. It is hard. Pray for them!
Have an awesome week!
Sister Jackson

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