Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(A.J.) 1/2 way through the MTC

Hey guys, how is it going. This past week has been the same, nothing out of the ordinary has happened. its just classes all day, and studying all day. but, I got to keep pushing through it right. I do love gym time though. That is my favorite time of the day, I love to just play volleyball for 50 min. and have no worries in the world, it is awesome.
Well, it sounds like you guys had a really really really busy week. I am glad i'm not a part of all of that cleaning and stuff. I don't miss it one bit. And poor buster, i feel so bad for him, sounds like he is really having a hard time with the cone of shame. It also sounds like you had a really good Fathers day. You know, i was going to buy a card here at the mtc bookstore, but i just totally forgot to, so sorry, but happy late fathers day dad. Oh, so i saw Tim on Wed. I was waiting for like 30 or 40 min. where all the new elders came out, and i saw tim come out. I went up to him and gave him a nice warm welcoming MTC hug. It was funny though, it just seemed like he didn't even know i was there, i could just tell he was still just trying to soak in all that was going on. So, on Sunday night after the devotional, I was up above the bleachers in the gym and I saw Tim. He seemed a lot more himself this time. He told me that when i said hi to him on the first day, that he didn't even really realize i was there because he was just still trying to soak in all that was going on. It was nice to talk to him.
Oh, so something cool that i forgot to mention. So a couple of weeks ago when we went to the temple, after we had done the endowment session, some temple workers pulled us into the laundry room and we helped with the laundry. It was awesome. I've never had so much fun doing laundry. It was cool to just be behind the scenes of stuff. and they had these huge, gigantic laundry machines, and they were super quiet, I mean you could whisper in there and you could here what people were saying. So ya, doing laundry in the temple is fun.
Well nothing different has really gone on this past week, its basically the same old same old. Oh and just for your information, I think we do leave on July 16th. So ya, i will definately call you guys on that day sometime. I don't know what time it will be and so when i get my flight plans in 3 weeks, i'll give you more information on that. Oh and that reminds me, on sunday was my halfway point. I am that much closer to finishing the MTC. I can't wait, it has been brutal. Its super hard, i can't imagine what the field will be like. But ya, so I am more than halfway done with the mtc now. 9 weeks in here is rough.
Well, I love you guys, I miss you and I love all the letters you give me. I really do appretiate them.
Dad, thank you will the sports updates, how are the dbacks doing, I having heard about them for a bit. What is Miley's record and who has the best batting average. Oh and is Chris Young still doing good or did he go back to his old self. And did they say when steven drew will return. Let me know will you. Oh and i am super bumbed that the thunder lost. I want them to win so bad. But ya thanks for the sports updates. And I loved the letter you sent dad, your email, it was great, I really really enjoyed it. thanks.
Mom, sounds like you are still busy. I don't know how manage rasing us kids, fulfilling your calling, and doing school all at the same time. I seriously don't get it. But is sounds like you do get around to doing what you need to. And thanks for the Krispe Kreame doughnuts, they were awesome. Just for your information, we only have 3 people in our district, Me, and my companions, elder gassant, and relleford. But ya, thanks for the 24 doughnuts you sent for us three, we really appretiate it. In fact i still have some in my residence.
Jonna, how are you doing, i replied to the letter you sent me last week, and you should have gotten it last week.
Hank, I sent you a letter too, I don't know when you'll respond back but I'm looking for it.
Jeri, How is it being the oldest in the home. Its fun huh? Oh, and beware if you do get your license, because you will become the new errand girl. Its not fun, so if you do get your license, be ready and know what you are getting yourself into. You end up spending more time driving for other people than you do yourself. so beware, and good luck. haha. Oh, and thanks for your letters, I really do appretiate them.
Addie, Good job on the steak!!! It sounds like I taught you well. Sounds like the steaks were cooked very good. Oh, and next year is your freshman year, right, well, I am here to remind you, that you should do track, and do the shotput and the disciss (?) throw. I seriously think, that you have the strength to be the best in the state at that. If you started your freshman year, and practiced and lifted and got stronger, by your senior year, there is no doubt in my mind that you could win state. Seriously, I know you think you really aren't that strong, but you are, your body is full of muscle, take advantage of it.
Carla, man, it sounds like you are just living the life, you get to go to that kid camp thingy all the time. it sounds so much fun. It sounds like you don't have a worry in the world right now. Oh, and let me know how the legend of Korra is, the other day, we were eating lunch and we over heard some new elders that came that week talking about it. I said to them, "hey, i watch that show but don't tell me anything big because i want to watch it when i get home" So ya, even other missionaries out here watch that show, my companion watches that show. A ton of people watch it, so ya, let me know how it is.
Well, I love you guys, and i miss you. I wish i could be home already but a mission is not that easy. I'm working hard and i think about all of you every day.
Love, A..J.
P.S. That vacation you want to plan, I would be totally satisfied if we went to disneyland for 3 days. Just FYI

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