Monday, June 18, 2012

June 12, 2012 (A.J.)

man, sounds like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. Sounds like you guys are doing just fine without me, haha. just joking. Oh and mom if you could forward this to everyone, that would be great.
first of all, dad, thanks for those frequent "dear elder" sports update letters. i really enjoy them a lot. when i got that one about miley being 7-2 for the season and him being tied i was like "oh man, that's awesome, maybe he'll have a year like kennedy did last year." but nobody here likes the diamond backs as much as i do. the only person they really know on the d backs is like justin uptin. so i don't really have anybody to talk to when it comes to baseball. but the basketball ones are good too. everyone here gets updates from their parents about the playoffs, its funny. sometimes i find out who one before i even get your letter. but ya, i love the sports updates, keep them going will you.
 Oh but i am really excited to see Tim come tomorrow, I can't wait to see him. I know he will cheer me up a ton. I can just imagine how he is feeling right now and how he will feel once he gets here. For me, when we finally came up to the MTC is when it hit me. I was so scared and nervous, then the thing that really made me calm and feel a lot better, was I saw Kaden Dixon, one of my good friends. So i am going to look for Tim a ton so i can make him feel better, if he is feeling that way at all. Oh, and i got the letter about Brianna coming, i will definitely look for her too. June 27th right? Something else is on that day, what is it? OH YA JERI'S B DAY!!!!!! I'll send you a letter on your b day, ok. Oh so to answer some of your questions mom, I never met uncle Leslie's nephew or the elder who spoke in our ward that one week. there are like something around 2,000 missionaries here and its like, near impossible to find someone here, unless you know their schedule and where their classroom is and where their residence is. But I've seen Jacob Black here a lot too. I've probably seen him about 10 times. He leaves in i think 2 or 3 weeks. he must be excited. i wish i was leaving that soon. I still have another 5 weeks here. man its brutal. oh to answer some other questions, our teachers are really cool. they are all from Provo and 2 of them served in Florida, and the other one served in Boston. their names are, Brother Pixton, Brother Edwards, and Brother Nelson. They are all completely different. like Pixton is the super reverent one who always focuses on the spirit and talks with a super quiet voice. Brother Nelson is the guy who is cool, but also wants to stick to the lesson plan. And my favorite, actually all of our favorite's is Brother Edwards. He served in Fort Lauderdale Florida and he is just super cool. He knows how to have fun but teach at the same time. He knows when to joke around and when to be serious and focus on the spirit and lesson. he is awesome. But ya, so those are my teachers. and about the bike situation. i weigh about 160 pounds, so i don't know if that helps, and if i gain wait i might need a different one. (actually I've gained about 4 or 5 pounds since I've been here) haha. so ya, i hope that helps.
Well, Jonna, i got you're email and I loved the scripture you shared, the one in Alma, that scripture is great, and i can see why it hit you so hard. Oh and i will send you a personal handwritten letter this week, ok?
Hank, I sent you a letter this past week, you probably have it already by now, and by the time you get this, next week, you will probably have already replied, but ya. hope you enjoy it.
Jeri, like i said, I'll send you a hand written letter around your birthday. sounds like you're having a fun time with the water balloons and stuff.
Addie, thank you so much for your letter, i really loved it. again thank you so much. it was just what i needed. thanks.
Carla, how is that activity thing that mom put you in, sounds like you get to have a ton of fun.
Buster, hang in there with the cone of shame, they'll take it off soon. haha.
Well you guys, it sounds like you are having fun. i sure love you guys and i miss you. take care and be safe. 
Love, A.J.

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