Monday, June 18, 2012

June 11, 2012 (HANK)

hey mom how you doing? thanks for the letter, it sounds like things are going good back home. so what was this boredom buster thing that you were talking about? i do recall jumping off in the deep end when i didn't know how to swim, its kind of funny now that i think about it. so here in Philly we have a baptism next week. its this guy named Nathaniel. he was working with the past missionaries and then he showed up like 3 weeks ago randomly and told us he wanted to get baptized. so we set everything up and its going to happen next week. its going to be cool. well today is exchanges and I'm looking forward to it, I'm staying here and Bisel from greenwood is coming here for the next 2 days. transfers are in 2 weeks, there is a good chance that I'm going to be leaving. but we'll see. i keep in touch with aj and jonna. i write them in emails and stuff, and i get letters from them too. so its all good, that's crazy that aj has already been out for almost a month. he leaves the mtc July right? I'm glad that back home the girls are doing good, Carla especially sounds like shes having a lot of fun. i always hated getting blood drawn, I'm glad she did good. well that's really about it this week, oh and don't worry i didn't think you were getting pre Alzheimer's haha. ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

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