Monday, June 18, 2012

June 11, 2012 (JONNA)

Boy has this week been intersting...first, it was so awesome to see the Harris family! We went to Spring Creek BBQ. That is where the Mission President takes the new missionaries right after they arrive. So, most missionaries only get to go once during their mission. So, it was such a treat when we got to go again! I hope the Harris' liked it. Boy, it was sure nice to see an AZ license plate pull up. Refreshing! And, to see familiar faces. I really, really appreciate them dropping by. They are awesome!
Man, sounds like things are so fun at home! Sister L have me a copy of Hermana L's email from last week! So cool to hear her talk about familiar things like the Mesa Grande Branch! It was cool to hear her perspective on the story of moving into our house! (For those who are reading and don't know what I'm talking about...a girl from the ward I'm serving in-in Humble-is serving in Mesa! She is now living in our house! So, we literally swapped places. Pretty awesome.) I also can't believe that I'm not in your stake anymore! Crazy. This new stake is definitely inspired, but I am a little sad about the change. As always, change is hard. Thats why a mission is so good for me. Change is always happening! But, keep me posted on the new Stake President, Bishops, etc!
Also, this week, I was on Ahem...some of you do not have your profiles yet! I am searching, and searching! In fact, I found a ton of people already! I left the list at home, but I am going to send you a list of those I found. If you don't have your profiles yet, yall should make them this week! Do it! Blessings to follow!
Well, the A/C has gone out at the library, and it is almost time to go. So, until next time!
Sister Jackson
PS-Mom, will you forward Hank & AJ's emails? I don't get them often. Thanks :)

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