Monday, June 18, 2012

(HANK)- Father's Day- Baptism

hey mom how you doing? so buster got fixed, man that's funny about the cone of shame, haha i would have had a lot of fun with that! well yesterday we had the baptism, it was good. so yesterday at sacrament meeting i had to give a talk about fathers day, i was so nervous for it but i think i did ok. then i was stressing out about the baptism because it would happen right after church. oh the day before i had to call people for stuff and then pretty much make the program. after church we went into the primary room and set everything up. Boyd gave the talk on baptism and then after that Nathaniel got baptized. we went into the hallway where the font was and opened the doors and and everyone came out to see. he was baptized and we just waited in the room for them to come back in. he was baptized by one of the members in the branch. so when he came back in i gave the talk on the holy ghost and i was nervous for that, but i just gave like a 3-4 minute shpeel about the holy ghost. then we ended it and had lunch. i had to conduct the music too. Nathaniel will be confirmed next week. so yah that's pretty much how it went. it was my 4th baptism. this week also on Monday to Wednesday we had exchanges and it was awesome, i went with b from greenwood and we had a good time, i needed that break. were doing another one on Wednesday to Thursday. transfer info will be this Saturday and transfers in on Tuesday the 26th. oh also i celebrated my 21 month mark. 3 left! awesome! that pretty much sums up what this week was like, oh and i got money on my account, but its not enough for a camera. did you still want me to get one? or was this money for like normal stuff. I'm just wondering. well mom thanks for the letter ill talk to you next week and let you know what happens, for now though send stuff to the mission home just in case i leave. thanks again for everything, love ya bye!
love hank

hey dad how you doing? happy fathers day yesterday. i had to give as talk yesterday and i talked about you quite a bit. so yesterday we had the baptism and it was good, i talked about it in moms letter, so i think you'll read that. thanks for the letter dad, i liked reading it felt good after it. i thought about home a lot yesterday and thinking about what you guys would be doing for fathers day. i knew you guys were going to have steak, haha. sounds like it would have been good. i had a ham sandwich, just as good as steak. this week i went on exchange with greenwood missionaries and it was awesome, i really needed it. I'm looking forward to it again his week because we are doing another one. transfers are coming up and i think that one of us may be leaving. i thought that i would leave but now I'm not so sure so i guess we'll see. I'm going to write you next week and let you know whats going on. well dad thanks for your letter, I've already re-read it helped me out alot. ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

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