Monday, July 16, 2012

(HANK)- Meets the new Mission President

hey mom how you doing? man its been raining all week, i love it! i really hope that it rains alot when i get back home too. we met the new mission president this week on friday, it was like the biggest thing that happened this week. so we talked and had a good talk and stuff and then he left. I'm going to see him again at zone conference and then my exit interview. so only 2 more times. so here in greenwood we are far  from everything, we have to go to kosciuwsko for district meeting which is 60 miles away from us. 120 miles round trip. its cool though, because they talk about philadelphia and its weird because i was there and they talk about it for district meeting. we are actually doing exchanges in a few weeks, and i might go to philly, that would be weird, but cool. so i can see people again. well aj is on his way to flordia now, i hope all goes good with him and that he has a good time. other than the rain and meeting President Mcdonough, nothing really has happened this week. well that's about it ill talk to you next week. love ya bye!\
love hank

hey dad how you doing? what a week for you, it sounds like it was crazy going to California and stuff. I'm glad that the sable got fixed and that you guys didn't sell it or anything. so aj is on his way to florida now? that's cool, i think he'll enjoy flordia its been raining all week here in greenwood, and apparently its been all over the place too. we met the new mission president on friday and he was a nice guy. he decided to tour the mission and stop by all the apartments, and he came by at around 6 at night to ours. i think I'm only going to meet him 3 times in my whole mission, and i have 2 more times seeing him left. 1 for zone conference and 1 more for the exit interview. its been getting hot here, but its not too bad, the rain cools it down then it gets all humid and stuff. but oh well. me and shelley are getting along great and we are going around the area trying to do stuff, its kind of a hard place but nothing too bad, or maybe I'm just used to it haha. if i came here first i would be shocked. were not really working with anybody right now, just seeing less actives and people and stuff. i haven't really made new friends yet, but I'm working on it. well that's about it for now, thanks for the letter, ill talk to  you later, bye!
love hank

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