Monday, July 2, 2012

(HANK)- Transferred last week- Greenwood, MS

hey mom how you doing? hey thanks for the letters again. so greenwood is very ghetto, much like a lot of my areas ive been in. im not trying to rag on it, its just the way it is. there are houses and buildings here that are litterly leaning and look totally abandoned that people live in. there are lots of houses that look like shacks built together with wooden doors and tin sheets. its just hard to actually express how run down and poor Mississippi and Louisiana is. greenwood has a small branch. just to show you the size of the building, it took me less than a hundered steps to walk around the entire outside of the building. about 2 greenwood branch buildings could fit in our church gym back home. there were about 25 people there at church and they say thats usually how many each week. a good week is 36. but its better than the Kosciusko branch. they have a total of 6 people going to theirs. 12 on their best week. church starts at 9 in backwards order. preisthood first, sunday school 2nd, and sacrament meeting for the last hour. its pretty cool doing it that way. greenwood also is the largest area in the mission with about 100 mile radius. ill try sending you a area map to show you how big it is. philadelphia is the 2nd largest area in the mission. so ive now served in the 2 largest areas in the mission, haha. but anyway ya, shell is cool. like i said he was from mesa but moved to kansas city, MO when he was about 10 or 11ish. ill ask him about his reletives, though and get back to you on it. im glad your enjoying the camera, im so relived that you liked it, haha. i took a risk on it hoping you would like it. oh and the FAFSA, go ahead and work on that for me. well mom thanks again ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

ps Happy 4th of July!!

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