Monday, July 23, 2012

(HANK) -District Meeting, Rain, Pioneer Day

hey mom how you doing? well this week was good i guess. we went to kosciusko again for district meeting. and it also rained a lot this week too. its been raining quite a bit lately, i really enjoy it. well i read ajs letter and when he was talking about how ghetto Orlando is, i just had to laugh. its pretty funny, but i have to tell him about greenwood, and Mississippi in general haha. i also see that he is getting shocked by the water and the green everywhere too. i was like that, but it wears off in a few months. aj sounds like hes doing great though, having a good time.
...i hope you don't find my letters boring, I've been reading ajs and jonnas letters and they write long detailed letters, and i think i used to do that, but as I've been out on my mission I've slowly but surely shortened my letters. its not that nothing is happening, its just that at the beginning of my mission i was in shock and i wanted to tell you everything that's happened, but after the shock slowly goes away, so does my enthusiasm for writing long letters, i try but again sorry if you find my letters boring. i can't wait to tell you a bunch of stuff when i get back home though. oh and another thing aj said that made me laugh was how he didn't want to tell you some stuff because he didn't want to freak you out. that was funny, it feels like that all the time. but again at first some stuff freaks you out then as you get used to it, it doesn't freak you out anymore. so maybe I'm in danger of stuff but i don't recognize it anymore. i guess i never realized how safe mesa is compared to Mississippi. i really like greenwood, it really is super ghetto but its ok. most of the people we talk to are nice. well mom thanks for the letter, oh and i got your letter in the mail too! thanks for that one, i enjoyed it. ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank
hey dad how you doing? well greenwood is doing good, we had a pioneer activity on Saturday and it was good, we had good food and there were a lot of people. there was a lot of people for this branch on Sunday. the tiny room was packed. it was cool seeing the tiny branch building being used to its fullest potential. i think i already may have told you this but church starts at 9 with priesthood first, then Sunday school 2nd hour then sacrament last. its kind of cool, and i actually really like it that way. after church we go to the lee family for lunch. they feed us every Sunday after church. its been raining quite a bit, but it has been slowing down. its been getting hot lately and very humid. but its not too bad. August is coming up and also my last transfer is coming up too! its an exciting time. well dad thanks for everything, ill talk to you next week. love ya v=bye!
love hank

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