Monday, July 23, 2012

(JONNA)- Happy Pioneer Day! and Pictures!

Hello All!
Can't believe AJ is in Florida now! Wahoo!! You know, each time I think about it, I get overwhelmed at how lucky I am to have the family I've got and to serve as a missionary side by side with my two brothers. It gives me added motivation to work hard. Then, hopefully, I can be like Hank & AJ someday.
Well, we have been struggling to find new investigators. Man, in a small town, it is hard. Tracting is driving to a random road, parking, and walking up a hill or through trees to get to a house. The homes are so spread out that we have to manage time and miles carefully. And, so many people are set in their ways that they are not willing to change or even listen. We have the FULL truth of the Gospel and no one seems to care sometimes. Argh. So, Sister Karr and I have a lot of "finding" time set aside this week. I am sick of not finding someone new to teach. I am trying to learn boldness, but not overbearrance. I'm trying to teach boldy but with love. It is hard to balance, but I am finding that I have been a lot more confident here in Woodville that I have in other places. It is SUPER hard most days, and I have a lot to work on, but I am constantly trying to become better. I haven't felt a sense of true missionary spirit like I have in Woodville. Probably because it is so hard to get the work moving here that I feel a sense of urgency or determination to make it work. Pray for us!
Well, on Saturday evening, we drove for 15 minutes on a little dirt road (not unusual) til we got to a less active's house. We pulled up, got out of the car, and heard "ssss...." Great. Our front tire had a hole in it! The curse of flat tires follows me to Texas! The members' house we were is a very old and sickly couple. So, he called his son to come help us. We visited inside with Sis. W for a minute then said, "Wait, where is Bro. W?" We went out side and this 70 year old man with a bad hip in laying on the ground under our car trying to fix our tire!! Oh man, talk about feeling bad! We told him to get up and we could help him and his son was coming, but he refused and kept working. His son got there and wasn't happy to see his dad on the ground. Well, 20 minutes later, the tire was patched. Then Bro. W really struggled to stand up again and almost fell, but leaned on the truck to stand. I was so scared. He was exhausted and tired. We kept praying that Heavenly Father would bless him and his son for helping us out. Helping the missionaries=blessings...and boy, does this family deserve them! So, today we are going to get our tire fixed. I am SO not excited about spending my Pday in a tire shop...but grateful to have a new tire!
A few "odds and ends"...
I love that everyone loves country music, especially the old country! We have BBQs a lot, and let me tell you...I had some ribs the other day that rival the ones at the Rib & Chimmy Bash. I daresay (and not to offend the 20th ward!) they just MIGHT have been better :) BUT I may have to try them again...just to bet sure :) The were HUGE and delicious! Smoked and seasoned to perfection. Dad, Hank, AJ, thought of yall as I was enjoying every bite of these ribs. Mmm...
It is interesting serving in a small town branch....
Well, sounds like all is well in AZ! How cool another dust storm came in. I love those. The other night, it felt & looked like a dust storm here. It was sweet! Hope all else is well. I haven't gotten Jayze's announcement yet, but I'll look for it. I will pray for Shiloh & Danica for sure. Keep me posted on them
Love yall!
Sister Jackson

Jonna's caption: "Welcome to Woodville!...Oh the quirks of the country!"


Driving the truck

Sis. Karr and I at the carwash.

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