Monday, July 2, 2012

(JONNA) being transferred....but don't know where yet!

Hey yall,
It is transfer week, and yes...I am being transferred!! Crazy, right??? This coming transfer will be my 4th transfer and my 3rd area. Wow. We all thought that I'd stay and we weren't sure what would happen with Sis. Salsberry. But, the call came, and our district leader said, "Sister Jackson, you're leaving." I was like, "WHAT??" Haha, but I'm ok. I am feeling better about this transfer move than I did the last one. I am just starting to expect change now. So, I haven't started packing and it is 2:30pm. Sister Salsberry found out last night that she is training. So, tomorrow morning we are going to the transfer meeting and we will find out where I'm off to! My guess is La Porte or Woodville, most likely it is the latter. BUT, things are unpredictable!
So, today, we went to lunch with a member, NW, she is amazing! She takes such good care of us missionaries! We went to Logan's Roadhouse :) I had the Teriyaki Grilled Chicken with a Ceaser salad, and sweet potato fries. Changed it up a little...haha. I know you wanted to know what I had, but I thought yall (the family) would get a kick out of it. I loved it! Haven't been there since Feb 6th ;)
Ok, as for the week...
We went on Exchanges (splits) with the Porter Sisters. I went to Porter on Friday night with Sister Higand Sister Hay came here. It was fun. I loved it! I ate a fig ( a green/yellow one) for the first time. It was weird, but not bad. Sister Hig was Sister Con's trainer! So, it was fun. She trained Sister Con when she was only here for 6 weeks. Crazy, right?
Last night...boy...let me tell you about last night. There was a fireside at the Mission Home. (We are so lucky to have the Mission Home so close to us. We can use the Crawfords for so much. If I go to Woodville, I'll be far away from it) Anyway, this fireside was for investigators, less active, and recent converts. We presented the 1st lesson on the Restoration. I was given the assignment to recite the Joseph Smith History. OH my goodness. I didn't feel too nervous because I have recited it twice now for groups of missionaries and twice for investigators. I know it. But, the hard part is doing more than reciting it. I was trying to make sure I was worthy enough of the Spirit so it could be there to testify as I spoke. I was standing in front of 30 investigators. Well, I started and (for real) I was in the first line and I blanked. I paused, and continued for a bit but stumbled. I tried my best to maintain my composure and not let on that I forgot. I just paused. I continued and just completely forgot. I skipped big parts and had to go back. Yet, the whole time, I was trying to not freak out and, instead, listen to the Spirit...hoping the words would come. (Poor Sister Haynie was trying to mouth the words to me. :) President was sitting in a chair to my left. From the corner of my eye, I saw him put his scriptures down and lean forward, gazing at my face. I tried to hold my ground as best as I could and I literally stumbled over all the words. Until, I finally got to "I saw a pillar of light..." Then, the words came more smoothly. I bore my testimony and went back to my spot at the back of the room. I felt an odd sense of utmost failure and "you did your best." It took all I had to not cry. But, when we sang the closing hymn, I began to sob. Then, EVERYONE came and gave me hugs and pats on the back, "You did good, don't worry." And, they meant well, but it made me cry so much more. So now, I have a red nose and red eyes and tear drops all over my shirt. Hahaha, talk about a sight!
Well, President pulled me aside and said that I did great. He told me that he was so proud. He thought he would jump in and save me-give me a word or two to help. But, he thought "No, I need to let her finish." He took me by the shoulders and said, "Sister Jackson, I was proud of you. And, I want you to be at peace." LOOOONG story short, I feel better and I felt a lot of love from President and Sister Crawford last night. Wish I could finish, but the computer is going to log me off. I ran outta time today :( Sorry I can't respond to more. Love yall!
Sister Jackson

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