Monday, July 9, 2012

(JONNA)- Driving a 4 door truck!

Hey everyone!
Well, I am in Woodville now! My companion is Sister K. She has only been out 3 months and I've been out about "Team GreenieFire." Two green missionaries leading an area. We keep joking that either we are really trusted or we can't mess anything up in Woodville. Haha. So, I've been out only 1 transfer longer than she has. Her trainer, Sister B, just went home last week. It has been a little rough for her. But, we are adjusting!
We cover almost an entire county! We are in a little branch and usually 70 people come to church each week. (Yesterday was 90!) We are out in the boonies!! Talk about the back roads of Texas. It is a little smaller than Snowflake. Everyone is spread out so far and some areas take 30 minutes to get to. We get to drive a truck! It is so cool! A huge 4 door truck is a blessing. It has been raining and it is muddy and bumpy almost everywhere we go. We are literally finding people in the middle of nowhere-"hunters and fishers of men" for sure. It is also hard because most people have seen or talked to missionaries before because it is a small population and there are only so many streets to tract. The members don't have much hope in the area growing because of this and some have called it a "dead" area. Sad. So, President and Sister Crawford came to the branch yesterday and gave a lesson on missionary work. It was really good and we hope it inspired more members to participate and have faith. If nothing happens here for a while, the area may be closed for a bit. We aren't sure, but it is a rumor. I do love the area though. It is quiet and refreshing! In Humble, we lived close to the airport, so all we heard was low flying planes and cars. We would have to pause as we were talking to people because the plane/car traffic noise was so loud. But here, it is so quiet! I love it! It reminds me of LoMia/Payson/Snowflake...anywhere north of Mesa. It is great! (Actually, met Brother B here who lived in Phoenix for a while and did all the new water systems for LoMia a few years back. Cool!)
Did yall find out about Elder Blon from Hank's mission? Sister K's missionary is serving in Hank's mission. She said she got a letter from him a while back saying "If you serve with a Sister Jackson, tell her that her brother says hi." Cool, ya?? I really enjoy Sister K. We are both still figuring it out and I like her for it. We are a lot more open and talkative with each other. She likes Disney (sweet!!!) which makes for awesome conversation :) haha. I enjoy her a lot.
Well, we have been braving the rain and it looks like we are going to be doing more of it this coming week. There is no where for the rain to go. It floods so fast. This is the most "hilly" place in the mission and the northern-most area too. But, the rain still floods so much. Which is why I am so glad for a truck. I haven't had to drive it yet, but I will this week...wish me luck!!
Well, glad to hear most is going well at home. Glad yall liked Brave. Everyone here loves it and I have to keep saying "Don't tell me what happens!" Lots of kids get excited and want to tell the whole thing. Which, I don't blame them, but still...Did yall love La Luna? The Pixar short? AJ and I saw that at D23. I liked it. Also, glad to know the Hermanas are staying! Sounds like they are working so hard.
I have to get going now. But, I love yall lots and lots. We are fixin to go to Walmart and run some more errands. :) Have a good week!
Sister Jackson
PS-Mom, can you email me AJ's mission home address? Thanks!

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