Sunday, July 15, 2012

(A.J.) Flying out to Florida tomorrow!

hey guys. Man, tomorrow at this time, I will be in Florida. I am super excited....
so I realized in my last email that i totally forgot to mention how the 4th of July was. So i will explain it to you right now. ok, so on july 4th, at like 8:30 at night, we had a devotional, and it was a really cool and laid back devotional. Like we were allowed to clap and to cheer and it was really really neat. Like on the tuesday and Sunday devotionals, we sing hymns before the devo, and so for the 4th of july devo, we sang primary songs and we were goofing off and stuff and we were allowed to. It was super fun and cool. So someone spoke on how the declaration of independance and the constitution were inspired by god so that joseph smith could restore the gospel. It was really good. Then someone sang "you raise me up" then someone spoke. I forgot who it was. Then after that, there were 3 elders who played the violin and viola and the piano and it was so cool and reverent at first and then out of nowhere, a 4th elder pulled out cowboy hats and put them on the other 3 elders and they played like a pioneer upbeat cheerful fast song. It was the highlight of the devotional. Everyone stood up and clapped and whistled after they had finished. It was so cool. I wish I had recorded some of it. So ya, after that, there was a short video we watched about the gospel being spread to every nation. Then something really cool happened. So the devotional is in the gym and there are bleachers. And at the top of the bleachers were missionaries who were holding all the flags of all the countries where the gospel is being shared. then all of the sudden, we heard bagpipes playing and you could hear everyone in the audience go "ohhh" and there was a missionary, in the little scottish skirt playing the bagpipes and he was walking across the gym playing them while all the missionaries holding the flags walked down the bleachers and to the front of the gym. Then a few missionaries had banners of pictures of Joseph smith. Then we all stood up and sang praise to the man. It was super cool. Then after that, we all went out side, got some ice cream, and we watched the fireworks, all 2,500 missionaries. And we were told we couldn't go back to the residence until the fireworks were over. Finally at about 11:30 we got into our residence because they didn't finish until like 11:20. It was a super fun night. It was awesome. I took a bunch of videos and pictures of it so you will get to experience a bit of what I did. But ya, so that was the 4th of july. well, this past week has been about the same.
...tomorrow morning, I will be on a plane to forida. I'm so happy.... You know, today, I was talking with my companions, we were haveing one last companionship inventory before we all left, and we were just talking about all the things we learned at the MTC. And I realized... I would not want to do the mtc again in my life, but i have learned a lot from it. I just can't even imagine what i'll learn in the field. I'm also sad that i'm not going to see like all the friends i've made here. I have made some really good friends and i'll never see them again probably which kinda makes me sad, but i'll be fine. well, that is about it.
 I sent my camera card home, so put them on the computer as fast as you can, and then when i get to florida, send me the camera card back, because the one I have right now is getting filled up really quick. So, just do it as soon as possible. well, sounds like you had a crazy past week. I am just happy I wasn't a part of it. haha. oh ya, and so tomorrow morning, i will probably call both of you. I have a calling card so ya i'm good on that. But i don't know how much time i'll have to be able to talk to you, it may be 10 min. or i may have like 45 min. to be able to talk, i don't know. but we will find out. Ok, well, that is about it. I guess the next time i email you i will be in florida. love you all, stay safe, and have fun. Alright, see you later.

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