Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A.J. is off!

It doesn't get easier.  But I will tell you, A.J. was ready to go, and all smiles as we got up this morning, and even more big smiles as we said our good-byes at the airport.  I've never seen someone so ready and so excited as he was this morning.  I am sure just knowing he's out there with Jonna and Hank, has got to make it that much more exciting for him.  We managed to get through this morning, and are now looking forward to the emails and letters.  They have been treasures from Hank and Jonna, and will be treasures from him.

Taken last night (May 15) just before Pres. Palmer came over to set him apart. 

5:45 AM- Time to go...

A.J. saying goodbye to Buster.  I think we have one like this with Hank and  Juliet!  Wasn't done on purpose, but it's total deja vu!

Saying goodbye to his little sisters....Carla...


Just before the tears...

Good-bye A.J....

And then a little Starbucks chocolate shakes make all the tears go away for a few minutes!

Tradition: On the parking garage roof, waiting to watch his plane take off.

A.J.'s plane
...and off he goes!
His Aunt Karron waited for him at the airport.  I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, he had lunch, went to take some pictures at the Provo Temple, and was getting ready to head to the MTC. Once she posts the pictures, I'll post them here.  Sure appreciate Karron for doing this for us.  What a great tradition, and Karron loves it, and so do our kids. Thanks Karron! are the pictures from Aunt Karron!  Thanks again for posting these so fast on your FB.  Karron has a great tradition of picking up her nieces and nephews from SLC, taking them to lunch, and taking them to the Provo Temple to get pictures.  Jim (John's brother) met up with them for lunch to Carl's Jr.  (This was A.J's preference... he LOVES Carl's Jr.) 
Uncle Jim & Carl's Jr.  His favorite!
Provo Temple Grounds. 

Talking to Mom and Dad one more time...

Aunt Karron and A.J.  She has helped us tremendously, by picking up Hank, Jonna, and now A.J. , and taking them to the MTC for us. It's become quite a nice tradition.
Unloading his luggage...
His new best friend.  :-)

Bye son.  We'll sure miss you.


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. AJ looks so proud and happy! Great pictures! Hope things are going good at home for you all.