Monday, May 21, 2012

(From Hank) May 21, 2012- spotted an alligator

hey dad thanks for the letter. it was good getting a personal letter again from you haha. well i have been thinking about aj this week. i really hope aj has a good time and that he'll be ok. its interesting,after i left on my mission i didn't realize how much i got along with him. i really wish i spent more time with aj, and included him with my friends and stuff. my week here has been alright, i told mom in her letter about it.
Saturday we went to Jackson for stake service. it was really good. we were in this park that was really swampy and even an alligator was sighted. it was cool. we were shoveling dirt and wheelbarrowing trying to level things out. then brother wrich in our branch took us out to five guys burgers. a really really good hamburger joint. i think they're might be one in Tempe. you guys should definitely go check it out someday. Diego cooked us dinner the past few nights and he's doing great. i really enjoy Diego, he's been helping me this past few weeks. i think he may be helping me more than I'm helping him. well dad I'm going to have to go, thanks again for your letter, it really helped me out a lot. thanks for all that you do, ill

talk to you next week, love ya bye!

love hank

hey mom how you doing? well i got your letter this week, i really
enjoyed it. thanks for the pictures you sent of aj and stuff. it made
me think about when i left. you know 2 years ago i had my call. i
remember the day i left very vividly. and theres alot to say. i think
its going to be one of those things thats better for me to say in
person. aj looks alot happier thouh than i did when i left. my bike
here is holding up good. it so far is in great condition, and its a
good bike (knock on wood). im probobly going to send it home when the
time comes. on saterday we went to jackson to do
service for the stake. it was fun we did alot of shoveling and
wheelbarrowing. it was jsut what i needed, it was good to take a
break. after that we went to five guys burgers. that is a really good
burger joint and i dont know if youve ever had it before. it is very
good, almost a good as in-n-out! by the way i really miss in-n-out.
they have none of those here out here. well mom thats about it for
now, thanks for your letter you sent i really liked it and it helped
alot. let me know about the cameras, and il talk to yo next week.  Love
ya bye!
love hank

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