Monday, May 21, 2012

(From Jonna) Her first transfer- leaving Baytown

Hello All!
Dad-Thanks for the email and the advice. Send that letter when you get my new address. Also, Clay made it that far?? Seriously?? I'll need to catch up on that one for sure. Haha. Also, last Monday night, I told Sister C "I betcha my family is at Logans Roadhouse right now." Guess I was right :)
Mom- Tell Kendall and Brittany congrats for me! I LOVE Brittany! She is one of my favorite people. I went to her baptism. She is so cool. Also, will you tell Jeni Rudd thanks for all the letters she's sent me? And, the package? I will send her a letter soon, but it has meant so much to me to hear from my ward. Will you tell her that? Can't wait to see Carla's talent! Sounds great! AND, I really need AJ's address...I need it, I need it :) Please, please send it to me. I need his email and his mailing addresses. please, please...
Hank-It was awesome talking to you too. I laughed at your Office comment. Cereal without milk...haha! Yes, I will write you again.
Ciara-THANK YOU for the package! It was awesome! I am getting transferred and since I didn't have time to make and eat my cake, I made two cakes so fast (chocolate AND vanilla) and gave them to the hermanas and Elders in our district. They both had birthdays recently, so it became my birthday/goodbye gift. I loved it! Also, your letter was perfect!
Elise-You are right...I do not have much time...BUT I am taking your advice and I am printing your email. So, I will be reading it this week :) You are awesome!
Well, Transfers...and, yes, I am getting the boot from Baytown :( But, its ok. I am trying to stay positive about the future. So, if yall are going to send me anything, don't send it until I get the new address to you. I'll try to email it this week, or next. Saturday night is thr transfer calls night. I've been feeling like I'm the one getting transferred for the last few weeks. So, I wasn't too surprised when it happened. So today, Monday, will be spent packing. Yay... So, tomorrow (Tuesday) I will go to the transfer meeting, get my new companion & area, and be off! So, I won't know anything til tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as I can. So, again, don't send anything to Baytown anymore and wait to send anything else until you get my new address.
My week in review...
Tuesday, we got tickets from the mission to go to a BYU Dance Ensemble at the U of H. We could go since P came with us.!!! I never enjoyed a dance performance more in my life! They were featuring many dances from around the world. My favorites: Bollywood, Ukraine, and the country dancing! It was so nice to hear som good, classic bulegrass sound. (Thats what I was doing while AJ was being set apart.)
Then, Wednesday, we went to visit a less-active family. We walked in at 7pm and what do I hear? American Idol!! I asked, "Is this the top 3?" They said yes. I was never so trunky/homesick in my life. It had just started and I could hear the first singer. He sounded black and he was really good. I could then hear the judges and Ryan Seacrest. It took all my strength to not listen and focus on Monic. Then, I could hear the 2nd singer-wasn't my favorite, but I couldnt hear that well. Finally, Monic's husband, M (nonmember) came in and talked to us too. We then put in a church DVD and it soothed my homesick heart. Oh my gosh. It was rough, let me tell you...I really miss those Idol days. Yet, as I was thinking about it, what I'm doing is way more important than Idol. I can always catch up on Idol. I think what was hard was that I was thinking about the goold ol days of watching it together as a family. THATS what I was missing really. But, I am focused now. Still, it was a rough night.
We've been teaching Mel. She is awesome. She just "wants to be good." She is sharing what she's learning with all her family (mom, sister, aunt, etc). Also, we've been teaching Chris. She is pretty sweet. She was really interested in learning about our modern-day apostles and prophets. Sad though that I have to leave them now :(
Last night was our last Mission Choir fireside. It was in Spanish. Let me tell you...the Lord knew what He was doing when He called me English speaking-for sure! I was asked to sing in a small group a song in English. It was really cool. I wasn't even nervous! Haha. Since I left, I've used so many musical skills I didn't know I had. I've been conducting music, singing musical numbers, and arranging musical numbers. I can't play the piano well, so that one isn't being utilized :) There are much better piano players out here.
So great to hear about AJ and him leaving. I can't wait to see photos of him. I am sure he is doing great! Please send me his email and addresses. Please, please! :) :)
Lastly, this week, I have been studying Knowledge in Preach My Gospel. I invite yall to read it and apply it. Knowledge of the Gospel and applying that knowledge is how we gain testimonies.
I've gotta go now. Next time you hear from me, I'll be in a new area with a new companion. Until then,
Love yall!

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