Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(From Hank- dated April 16, 2012)

well another week has gone by, things are going good here in
Philadelphia. we spent the week just going around and seeing people,
we saw Diego a few times also. hes a cool guy and i enjoy going to see
him. he took us down to Jackson this week to celebrate O'sicks
birthday. it was a great day
the branch here is cool, i really like it. there's this one family that i
really like, the fars. we go over to their house quite a bit and
they enjoy having us over. on Tuesdays and Thursdays we volunteer at
the Adult Day Care center to help out a less active who works there.
its a different experience but i enjoy it. on Wednesdays we go to the
braxs for dinner and on Fridays we go to the oks for dinner.
Mondays our pdays, and Saturday is basically try to find something to
do day. Sunday is church. that's basically the routine of every week
here, with a few differeces every once in a while. we went up to
Louisville this week to contact a referral and it went good, but well
see how it goes this week. oh and before i forget, Interviews with
President tucker are this week on Wednesday. its President tuckers lat
interview on his mission. after this interview ill have 2 zone
conferences left, and 1 interview left. I'm starting to get towards the
end. and it still doesn't feel like that, but its coming. well that's
about it for now, thanks for your letter and ill talk to you nest
week, love ya bye!
love hank

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