Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(From Jonna: Dated May 10, 2012)

It's my Bird-day today!
Boy, the last week has been pretty good! So much has happened and I hope I remember everything. If not, good thing I have another P-day on Monday!
First, we had a wonderful visit with Elder Clarke of the Seventy. Wow. He really motivated me to be better and to put my whole heart even more into my mission. We visited with him from 8:30am to 4pm and then, there was a small FHE/fireside with recent converts and investigators at the mission home that night. So, we took Pren and spent another 2 hours with Elder Clarke. He was so great! I learned a lot about reactivation. At first, I was confused about why missionaries needed to visit less-active members. Over the last few weeks, I've seen some importance of it, but after Monday, wow...it is SO vital! His main points were "establishing the church" not just making it larger. Sister Cochran and I are very motivated right now to seek out the less-actives in our ward. We have maybe 100-150 people we need to find. It is tough work, but already, in the last 2 days, we've seen great things!
Also, at the very end of the meeting with Elder Clarke Monday he had all the Sister Missionaries stand up. He told us to raise our right hands and promise two things:
1. We are to marry a returned missionary in the temple.
2. When we start dating/get engaged to an R.M. we are to call his mission president. We are to ask what kind of missionary he (the guy we date) was. If the answer is "good" then we are to drop him. He said, "Only settle for exemplary." (Hank & AJ-better watch out! A girl might be calling your mission president someday! :)
So, he also said that Preach My Gospel is going to be coming out in a "mini" edition this summer. June/July-ish, look out for it. If you find it, and it is cheap, could y'all send it to me? If it isn't, send it to me for Christmas :)
Last Thursday, Sister Cochran and I got to have Sister Crawford (mission pres. wife) come out with us. It was way cool! We went tracting that night and she was so cute as she asked us how to approach a door. I really admire her. At one door, as she was speaking, the woman told us to come in and talk with her. She was a widow with a 30 year old son with Down Syndrome. It was a precious visit and very powerful. I loved spending time with Sister Crawford, she is so full of wisdom and so fun!
On Saturday, we were driving and saw a sign for a Free Car Wash. We needed to clean ours by Monday for the meeting and so we decided to check it out. The catch was a donation to Lee College Sports Program. But, we couldn't donate, and they said we'd still get  a free car wash. I had to talk Sister Cochran into it and it was so cool. We said that since we couldn't donate, we would help them wash the car. So, in our skirts, we helped 4 college kids wash our car in the hot sun. We used the opportunity to share who we are and things. It was so funny, but way fun! Made me miss washing my own car. I loved spending a Saturday morning in the sun cleaning my car. How is it by the way? Still running?? Still alive?? I will admit, when I see a Focus out here, I miss my car. I miss it more when I drive too. Haha-lame.
Well, we are soon entering Hurricane season. We have been told to review our evacuation plans. Crazy. I've never had to think of how/what to do if a storm like that came through. I love when it storms in AZ, here, it floods. It is crazy.
This week, I finished the Book of Mormon. I started it over when I got to Texas, and I marked every time it mentioned Christ. I have a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. I got an answer that it was true many years ago, but this week, I asked again. I got a sweet confirmation that I knew it was true. I intive yall to read the Book of Mormon again. And, look for things you never noticed before. It is great!
Well, I am 24 years old!!! AH! An old crickity missionary! (Mom & Dad-THANK YOU for the camelpak! That was a huge surprise. I got it yesterday. It is going to be so helpful! I hope it didn't cost too much, thanks so so much. I was so not expecting that!)  It hasn't felt like my birthday, but when I think about it, I am overwhelmed with where I am, how young/old I am, and basically life in general...its overwhelming. But, we are going to a beach in La Porte today with the Zone. We are going to party! (I sent yall a package with videos/photos. Look for it.
Well, I've gotta get going. Lots of birthday emails to get to. Love y'all so much! Talk to you in a few days!
Sister Jackson

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