Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From Jonna: Dated May 13, 2012

Hello All!
It was great getting to talk to you yesterday. Sad it was a short time, but we had some busy plans the rest of the night anyway. We were off taking cookies & cards to some women in the ward. It was a nice evening.
Well, my birthday was great. Thanks everyone for the notes/emails! That day was a Pday and we went to the beach in La Porte with our zone. A much nicer beach than the one in Baytown. It was great. They all got me a singing Disney card (yay!) and we played games and built sand castles. Only my feet touched the water, and as I stood there letting my feet get buried in the sand like I always do in CA, I was singing "Beyond the Sea" to myself. I always find that this song comes to my mind when I visit the ocean. It is a happy song and it brought a smile to my face as I thought of our dorky family and our Disney-senitmentality. (Again, thanks dad for the lyrics to the Bug's Life song :)
Thanks for the package mom and family! I loved the notes. Sis. Cochran and I laughed so hard at the note on the Nutella "Think of Juliet before you take a bite." Haha-awesome. I made the Reeses bars and I put the whole 24 candle pack on it. Wow. Next year, I've exceeded the candle pack limit. On Friday night, we got a knock at our door at 9:15pm that night. A little freaked out, we found it was Elders Packard, Tupou, Backman, and Shepherd. They had been doing exchanges and went to Walmart and got me a present. They got me a Barbie bell for my bike and a Texas T-shirt. It was so cool! I felt special! Haha-so, I gave them some Reeses bars for the road. They loved it.
Saturday, we went to the Mors to help them with their house remodeling. We went with our 2 Elders (Packard & Tupou) to help pick up sheet rock, shingles, wood boards, etc. It was good hard work, but really fun. Then, that night was the ward's Chili & Cobbler Cook-off. My first Sunday here, in Ward Council, Brother Halladay said, "Hey! Why don't we have a Chili cook-off?" And, they laughed about the idea, but then, they decided it was a great one and it happened Saturday. They asked us missionaries to be the judges. Haha-me?? The pickiest person, a judge? Well, it happened, and it wasn't too bad. I was super full by the end of the night after eating all the chili and cobbler, but it was a great night. We were in the kitchen judging and I could here the music they were playing in the cultural hall-it was good ol' country music...Coat of Many Colors, He Stopped Loving Her Today, Make the World Go Away, etc. Good thing I was in the kitchen, or else I would've been singing along! So far, my favorite thing about Texas-good taste in music (generally).
Well, transfers are coming up next week. If one of us is getting transferred, we will get a call on Saturday and we'll find out where to on Tuesday. So, next week, look for my email with transfer news.
This last week, I've been studying a lot about Virtue. How wonderful virtue is! 2 Peter 1:3-10 is fantastic. Read it, ponder it, apply it. Also, try D&C 45:3-5. It talks about Christ's role as our advocate. It is one of my new favorites. It is beautiful how Christ speaks up for those who speak up for Him here.
Mom, I need AJ's MTC address, Mission Home, and email. I want to write him as soon as I can. And, when Karron sends you photos of him in Utah, will you email those to me too? I want to see them! Also, can you forward Hank's emails to me? The ones that have the most info about what is happening to him out there? I don't get good updates about him. Thanks :)
Have fun in California family! I am a bit jealous, but I am excited for yall. Have a good time! Send me a postcard! Haha-jk!
Love yall,
Sister Jackson

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