Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching up on Blog: A.J. leaves tomorrow!

(This is Lisa) It has been since April 8th that I have posted anything.  I am trying to do a catch up today...as tomorrow morning we will be taking A.J. to the airport for his mission.  Three missionaries out at the same time.  I never thought in a million years we would be so blessed.  Having just one out is amazing, and then to have two...wow.  And now three....triple wow.  But with that "wow", comes a heaviness in my heart that also can't be described.  The good-byes are definitely the hardest, and 24 hours from now, A.J. will have just lifted off towards SLC, and I imagine I will be a mess.  Right now, it's 8:00 in the morning, and he's still asleep in his room, just a few feet away.  I will miss that boy.  No, I will miss that young man.  Jeri and I were talking in the car this morning as I was dropping her off to school, and she said "Mom, which would you rather feel?  The heaviness from him leaving, or not serving?"  She's right, and I know she's right.  I know that some of you dear friends and family who are reading this, who have had a child who decided not serve  for whatever reason, knows the heaviness that comes from that decision as well. This post is not meant to be boastful.  I know that we have our free-agency.  It's all part of the plan, and for whatever reason, we are here today, and I want to always remember that the Lord knows all, and has a huge hand in where we are right now. And that heaviness I feel in my chest today..it's a heaviness, a pit in the stomach that I know I will recover from, because we've seen the growth in Hank, and also in Jonna...and I wouldn't want A.J. to miss that for the world.  And I'm so grateful he wants this for himself.  He really wants to serve the Lord.  Yes, the next 24 hours will probably be the hardest for me,  I know that.  Get me through today and tomorrow.  Besides, it's not about me...it's about A.J.  And he can't get out of here fast enough!  He is so stinkin' ready to go! 

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  1. Lisa - Wow. I can't wrap myself around the thought of having 3 blessed missionaries from your family out in the field! What a blessing for each of them and your family. I didn't realize it was so soon that AJ leaves. Prayers with you this week. He will be an amazing missionary, just like the rest. What a wonderful support they have at home. We love your family!