Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(From A.J.)- First week of the MTC

(Excerpt of email from A.J.) 
Hey guys, how are you doing, this email is for everyone, so mom if you can share this with the family and and send it to hank and jonna as well, that would be great, i forgot their emails so it would be awesome if you send it to them.
....So first of all my pday is on tuesday, so just letting you guys know. I am so glad that today is p day, just so i can get a break from everything. Ok so i am absolutely LOVING the MTC. When aunt karen was taking me to the mtc, i started getting really nervous and really scared, i had butterflys like crazy. hank and jonna, you probably know what i mean, it was not a good feeling. but as we were driving by and we saw all of the missionaries standing on the curb, i saw one of my good friends standing there waiting to greet a missionary. it was Kaden Dixon. I felt so much better. so when i got out the missionary that greeted me and was going to take me on the tour, traded with kaden so that we could talk and hang out and what not. I was so happy to talk to him. he made me less nervous and made me fell so comfortable. so after the tour and stuff i went to my class. the teacher there started just speaking in Creole. so as we went on 3 other missionaries showed up and we basically tryed speaking creole for about 2 or 3 hours. finally after a long time, the 2 instructors started speaking english. it was such a relief.
.....so we have a district 4 missionaries, well we did, i will explain that later. and my companion is elder gassant he is half haitian, and half tongen.  He is like 6 foot tall, weighs 240 lbs, and it is like all muscle. he is from miami florida, and then moved to salt lake for about a year and a halft, then got called to serve in the same mission as me. he is awesome.
....Well mom, you are probably crying right now, so cheer up, and i want to let you know that im doing great. i am enjoying the mtc so much. we went to the temple today and we did initiatories. it was awesome. i already know how to bear my testimony, pray, and have a casual conversation going on in creole. it is super easy, it is either that the gift of tounges is helping me out, or that the language is just super easy. probably both. so it is super similar to french, it is almost the exact thing just easier. so i will leave you my testimony in creole.
Me konnen ke jezikri redampte nou ak sove ak pitit gason, bondye. me konnen ke joseph smith yon pwofet la vre. me konnen ke liv mormon an vre ak genyen pwol bondye. me konnen ke jezikri ak bondye remen nou. mwen remesye pou ou jezikri ekspyesyon. nan nou jezikri amen.
Love, A.j.
p.s. if you really want to know what i said, translate it. haha.

(This is Lisa...ok, so if you know me, you know that I will try and find a translation for this!  So I went to an online translator, and this is what came came up):
"Me know that Jesus Christ redampte we and Saviour and son of God. me know that joseph smith a prophet Israelites; me know that book mormon to see is equivalent to winning we have children to take care of God. me know that Jesus Christ with God like to us. thanking you for you Jesus Christ ekspyesyon. of you Jesus Christ so be it."
I also have a friend who is from Haiti, and speaks Haitian Creole.  I will email her, and ask her what this says, and when I get her translation, I'll post it here.  

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