Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(From Hank- dated April 23, 2012)

hey mom how you doing? well today's letter is going to be a bit short.
we have exchanges today and the greenwood missionaries are comi9ng
here. I'm going to write again sometime this week maybe Wednesday or
Thursday. so this week Diego went to to Miami to pick up his mom from
Venezuela. she is staying for about 5 months. she goes home about a
week after i get back. my interviews were this week in Clinton with
president tucker, it was my last interview with him. i now have 1 more
interview left and its going to be with the new guy. next transfer is
president tuckers last zone conference. the end is getting near but it
doesn't feel like it yet, it still feels like i have a long way to go.
I'm looking forward to coming home but i am a little bummed with aj
and jonna not being there when i do. I'm coping with it buts its all
good, I'm working through it. anyway i have to go right now, I'm going
to write again this week, and then ill write dads letter too. talk to
you later, bye!
love hank

hey dad whats up. sorry i didn't write back on Monday, i really didn't
have enough time. we had exchanges on Monday with the greenwood
missionaries. i stayed here with elder bisel for the day. then we
switched back on Wednesday. Wednesday was cool because Diego got back
home from Miami and took us put to a restaurant called Cheddars, i last
ate there in west Monroe. they are really good, they have the Monte
cristo sandwich. that's what i ordered too. Diego is a cool guy, he
takes us out to eat alot and hes also doing better with his foot.
tonight were going to Decatur for an appointment with merti, our top
 investigator right now. I'm really looking forward to mothers day on
 the 13th. its weird to think that aj will leave like 3 days later.
O'sick is going home in about 20 days, hes really looking forward to
going home and being a cop. i don't know what is going to happen next
transfer. i have 3 left now. i hope this is my last area on my mission,
that way i would have to adjust again for a new area. well dad that's
about it for now, thanks again for everything, ill talk to you later,
love hank

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